Some guidelines that might help you avoid debt problems

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Sa panahon ngayon, kapag marunong kang magbayad ng utang, liligawan ka naman ng mga kumpanya ng credit card upang alukin ka nang higit pa sa kailangan mo.. Kinakailangan na mag ingat tayo sa tuksong ito... HERE ARE SOME GUIDELINES THAT MIGHT HELP YOU AVOID DEBT PROBLEMS:  

** As much as possible pay in cash. BORROW only if your cash will earn higher than the cost of your borrowing. *** Do not assume that you will always be in your present employment or company. Be conservative and do not assume that your current active income will continue to increase. This will help you in evaluating whether you should borrow or not. *** Make sure you know how much of your present income is being used to service your debts. If you are allocating too much of your income to pay debt, you are over leveraged. *** Never borrow for wants. Borrow only for needs, and only if you have to.             ★彡^_^

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