Some Important Things About Education That You Don't Know.

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Education is important for everyone

We occupy an educational caste system. It is very difficult to get a reliable civilian children in a middle-class society. Only the best and prominent in their high-class universities. The poor do not know whether I should work with him to get your child to school or making a living. 90% less education because they know do not only do they will not be able to compete with the rich and middle-class mechanism.

In matters of education at an academic forum that do not have such distinctions between us.

Why the difference in quality education?

Hey my experts can not be done with the same quality of education is end and we hope that education is between N-C barrier that combines the country's academics and the metric of the first of these consultations and the Internet to be consistent course to graduate with both books and of whether Oxford in the books or the writer or author, if they have to be added feeling of poor students in this course are able the course is to be no better than the course of a higher education institution.

But our government does not want the poor child and their child to study the same curriculum because it would be difficult to establish their rule. I support the decision of the NWFP government that I am equal volumes of each party in the province and private school 10 fee to a student or 10 per payer in order to become a student of the school uniform, his books could raise the quality of education in the country.

Education is the most powerful weapon

Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world "Nelson Mandela"

Education in Pakistan is usually split levels. It is also in Pre-school, elementary, middle, high school or intermediate grade.

According to Pakistan's constitution, Article 25-A. Every man and woman has the right to receive education in Pakistan. Grades eleven and twelve to result in a higher secondary and university. Literacy rates are particularly gender, male or female varies by region.

Women are not educated as to the tribal areas. They are not being taught the conservative mindset. Lack of knowledge, those who qualified and talented education led down some well positioned by corrupt people who deserve well.

Education is not only a degree or reputation. But studies show tells the personality of a person. This is a man, but a woman by a man teaching you the education you really called by a family education. "

Institution or club

The fate of mankind is changing.Here is the fulfillment of a sacred duty,Necessity Nizami late poet is told for a purpose that was successful largely because it is written that I'm forehead every institution today is unquestionably an educational institute cultivate young plants where they honor the they are introduced to mental growth, but I alas do too late to imagine that I like the institution late today necessity is the poetry which does not reflect their poetry today, but no examples we are exposed to today where we send to read their children rather than mental growth rather than to cultivate young plants are hollow, their roots are mental play mixed system, whether primary the working or drowned university-level students of the fleet are in good scientist or engineer to create instead of Laila Majnun, but Romeo Juliet and Valentine typing lust filled with young students.

When any sensible teacher his voice against the establishment of such hypocritical policies so quickly the sound goes orgy dance at the student Week in schools which reported rising rap while I was down the country laid them side first round the position of literature were observed student Week today, already had elocution are comparable to singing today, life of our lessons is excluded Messenger added this place Holi, Diwali and Hi Wayne lessons given that, jihad, was considered a tenet of Islam has been attributed to the name of terrorism today, Khadija, Aisha, Fatima characters space Malala Mai, Obaid Obaid Chinoy women like the examples given, symmetry celebrate the students on the latest of the day periods in the country's leading private university in which they hide the women in the name of freedom have been part of the lessons, intellectuals colleges and universities , researchers, scholars called for the convening of the singers, Music concert promote immorality in the name of Knight open is common to almost every given educational institutions where under the public a tree students or the students in the corridor will look beloved mother.

The institutions also take the form of a business they just simply means the fees, students also those going to enroll in institutions of teacher caused to extinguish the lust of your character instead of reading the position that worship the used air is introduced as a father because he is too hurt is not too desperately at the teacher mentor and disciple, for the teacher and his honorable profession we understand the superiority rather than his salary to do.

Way to their parents all those who reveal their status to get admission to their children in institutions in the name of modernity, but they've probably forgotten his status for this fear in the educational institutions that I see with your bare eyes in that institution great thinkers of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan yesterday, intellectuals someday will lead to his own infamy instead, they are creating Flash and children that are the assets of this country will be created unlawful child of the West, which father would know and mom time before it a Western plot to the more lick like termites minds of infants.


we really have to keep your eyes open, we will have to finish the education system to separate colleges and universities for students see that they must provide full uniforms that the students instead that he sent tight dress wearing bare its hidden parts of Fashion show to flesh it says the same about Al-Qur'an (O mankind, we gear you have your cover the private parts and adorn your body and clothing of piety is best achieved admonition so that the signs of Allah, O sons of men to see Belial garden can not persuade you persuade your parents how he was expelled from stripping their clothes and gave them to them to show them that their seventies. Where he and his brother are watching you stop at a place you can not see them.

We have made the devils allies to those who do not believe) translation of Sura Al verse 26 -27, some of my words more bitter, but what do the people of the plain language of the ignorant and open and presumptuous on oriented appreciate those things, but because when I have nothing to do with the spreading obscenity in the name of liberalism, the liberal type people are then told about the order and the people he says God a try to find a problem to those people (and they say they do the work of an indecency we've seen the same way our fathers and God did not command us to say that the work that is shameful examples you say against Allah what you do not know) verse 28 Surah Al, describing my reality.

Thank God we are to believe the Protector and Helper!


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