Some intrusting facts about human body

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                            Some intrusting facts about human body


Human body is complex system and is made up of many organs. Some human parts of body are of exactly the same size, these so much surprizing. Which parts are of same size are enlisted below:

  •          The size of human heart is same as the size of close hand.

  •          Length of human nose is same as the length of thumb of hand.

  •          Size of human foot is same as the size of wrist up to elbow.

  •          Ear is of same length as the length of thumb.

  •          The height of a human body is same as the arms stretched away fully.

Some fruits are of same shape as human parts of body and they are very effective for those parts respectively, which are enlisted below:

  •           ALMOND:

               Almond is of the shape of EYE and is very healthy for eyes.

  •          WALNUT:

                The shape of walnut is same as the shape of human brain wrinkles of walnut are similar as human brain and is effective for brain.



  •          A sliced tomato is same as the human eye and is good for eyes health.

  •          Grapes are of same shape as alveoli of human lungs and grapes reduce lung cancer.

  •          Shape of bean is same as human kidney and is good for kidneys.

  •          Sliced onion looks like body cells. Onion cleans waste material from body cells.

  •          Half of mushroom looks like human ear and is improve hearing ability.
  •          Ginger is of same shape as stomach and reduces the stomach acidity.

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