Some people eat insects...

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Some people eat insects...

Some people eat insects: ants, bugs, bees, and even stinky bugs. Is in insane? Is in insane? Is in insane?????
It is pretty common among several cultures. Some people state they feel sweet and nutty taste of little insects. 
Stink bugs lovers have, for example apple flavor, some worms can be a bit spicy. Disgusting! Isn't it? However, even UN recommend us to consume more insects as it finds them very healthy. Food and Agriculture Organization recently reminded that there are about 1,900 edible insects that are "waiting" for us, and are already part of the diet in many countries.
In fact, you can eat insects regularly, cooked and raw. Insects as a product are filled with proteins, fiber, good fats and minerals. Not bad. So, change your stereotypes and try a mealworms for the beginning, and continue with darkling beetles or grasshoppers. The las ones rank up with beef in protein content with less fat. They are also cheaper in comparison with meat. 
Beetles is the main dish of people living in the Amazon basin, Africa. Those regions are packed with diverse species of beetles that live in trees, logs and on the forest floor. Beetles consist a lot of protein by the way. Children and pregnant women of the same regions also prefer butterflies for their breakfast. As fluttering insects are filled with nutrients, and can be found everywhere across a meadow, it is not a problem for people from African countries with their rich Nature to find butterflies. 
In Mexico people eat bees. I have no doubts as I am familiar with Mexican cousin. Spicy spice on top of spice! Mexicans compare wasps and bees to peanuts in flavor.
Some people are fond of fried ants (you need a lot of them to make a meal, though). Some individuals even eat mosquitoes and flies that taste, in their view, just like duck or fish. Eww.... I can't even imagine it. 
I am not sure if my story convinced you to consume more insects or consume them at all. I personally prefer traditional dishes 
- Selene Malone

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