Some photography tips.

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How many times did you see a pic and think about doing something like that, but don't know how?! The truth is that most of us don't have a clue of what is real photography, the majority just take some selfies and simple pics, some others use Photoshop and other programs to modify it, well, that's not photography AT ALL.

So, I'm gonna give some simple tips for beginners, not only to have better shots, but also to understand better how to get there with any camera, hope it helps.

So, first of all: Take lots of photos, don't be afraid to click. If you see something that you want to photograph, take more than one pic, take lots of them and after you can choose which one to keep.

Take photos with different luminosity of the same place, object, person. Just a little more or less light changes everything, so make a few experiments on that. If you're in a closed space, use light focus, we call that a Low Key, later you can search about that, but it's a vast subject to study.

The ISO is quite important, if you want the pic to be a little more blurred, use a low ISO (50-100), if you want it more sharpened use a high ISO. You can see better the difference in photos with water. Careful on using high ISO. Avoid the auto ISO function unless it's a sunny day...

Prepare the spot, object...whatever you want to photograph, take your time to do the scenario that you imagine in your head. Some pics are simply impossible without working on the scenario before.

Make "doubtful" I mean is, try to photograph with a bottle in front of the camera, or a glass, a hole in a paper, the objective'll get some great surprises for sure.

Don't worry so much with the zoom, always remember that you can always do a little crop later.

The focus is one of the most important features, it changes everything on a pic, work on it, do some experiences and repeat them often until it's almost an automatic gesture.


Color and contrast and equaly important, there is no professional work without a bit of "magic" on edition. I always consider to put about 10-15% more of contrast and color on my pics. Changing the color and contrast is NOT changing the picture, so don't do it to much, keep it realistic, you are just suposed to make it better.

Keep an eye on the lines and angles, photograph near the floor and don't keep the subject always in the center.

Almost done, it's time to remember you that: The machine does not make the photographer. Don't think that just because you have a great camera you'll make great pics, and don't think that just because you have the camera of your phone you will not get great pics. The photography is you, that button is an extension of your eyes, so, you are the artist, not the machine.

And to end it: Be unique, don't try to copy other works, take ideas and work them your own way. 

Hope it helps.


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