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Firstly, I’ll introduce myself, as I have introduced in previous blogMy first salary of Film Annex” and now sir “MikeSweeney” has added my name to it, so that Google can find me and now it is “My first salary of Film Annex by Zain ul abidin”, I want to pay thanks to him for this act of kindness. My name is Zain ul abidin and I am the member of film annex, for five months.

   In this blog, I want to give some suggestions to film annex.

1.     My first suggestion to film annex organizers is that bloggers/filmmakers that are working at film annex should have opportunity to check their numbers, i.e. how much numbers they gained in each blog or movie? In this way, they will try to improve the quality and quantity of their content to film annex. As they will have idea, of which type of blog or movie can get maximum marks and what should be the quality and quantity of blog to get maximum buzz score.

2.     And my second suggestion to film annex organizers is that ranking of the countries in the community of film annex should not be according to number of members of film annex but should be according to the average buzz score. It is just useless to enter the film annex without any great deal of work. Many countries have a lot of film annex members but mostly have zero buzz scores, but these countries are ranked first to those whose members are comparatively less but with great buzz scores, means with great deal of work on film annex just like Pakistan and Afghanistan while Philippines have only a huge numbers of employees on film annex but mostly have zero buzz score. Any new comer who enters in film annex may have a bad impression of film annex as ranking of countries is wrong and should be according to average buzz score.

3.     Thirdly, I want to say about Bit coin system that is not employees representative system. I have already mentioned about Bit coin system in my previous blogComplaints to Film Annex that it is that paying system which hurts only. Due to its changing rates, no one can trust the bit coin system. Not only me, many others dislike bit coin system. So please change this system and bring back the old system of paying (Dollar system).


4.     Fourthly I want to tell the film annex organizers that warning should be given before taking any action against blogger/filmmakers. If the blogger/filmmaker is spamming film annex network, he should be warned of his actions. Don’t reduce/decrease the buzz score before warning. As he does not know what’s wrong and what is he doing, so he should be warned to spam the film annex and should give some instructions to increase the buzz score.

5.     My another and most important suggestion is there should be some rules & regulations for the new-comer bloggers or filmmakers at their very first entry to film annex when they fill the form of their brief details for film annex, there should some instructions along with that form so to read them and accept them before logging in the film annex by each blogger or filmmaker. The instructions should be about the content that how long should not be duplicated from internet, film annex should not be spammed with irrelevant material, ill-logical comments should not be given etc, that you consider best, do for the improvement of film annex.

       Lastly, I want to ask you my buzz-score as it is not being risen while the buzz scores of others that were decreased from 70 to 3 etc are raised to their previous positions without any their great work but my buzz score is not increasing after my great work. It’s a just question not any criticism; please increase my buzz score it is my request.


Thanks in advance a great team of film annex.

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My name is zain ul abidin. I am a player of gymnastic and karate. i joined bitlanders at 11th jan 2014.

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