Some tips to Enjoy Winter in Kabul

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If you look for stories about Kabul, you will find many articles, most of which would indicate the issues related to war and its impact on the people of Kabul, through this blog I intend to share with the reader my experience of winters in Kabul. 

Though the winter is too harsh in Kabul probably at night time, and for the low-income families its even more difficult that's why the first and foremost thing is wear warm clothes in order to stay 'warm'. In Kabul, majority of the people use "Woods, Gas Heaters, Electric Heaters and Central heating system" at homes & offices, be careful in using whichever you find comfortable.

The following are the many things you can do to maximize the pleasure of winter in Kabul.

1. Green Tea

Have green tea, have lot's of it. Fortunately in Kabul you can have green tea almost in every corner of the city, so if you don't get a chance to have a cup at home, you can always have it outside especially in winter time. The best place to buy green tea is "Sarai Gur/Chai Furoshi", ask for "Mumtaz Palando Chai", its the best.

Of course with dry fruits 

2. Breakfast

Getting out of bed on a Friday morning in winters isn't easy, but once you have done it, make a little more effort and get some "Eggs (Watani)", cook them in onion and tomatoes and have them with naan (Afghan Bread).


I am not sure about others, but none can cook better eggs than the employee in my family office.

3. Sooji Halwa

Sooji halwa is widely enjoyed in Kabul particularly in winters, fortunately in Kabul you can find sooji at every home, with the most easiest recipe (Yes, I can cook it too), home is the best place to have it, if not you can find many small restaurants, where sooji halwa is available.


4. Walk

While all the above suggestions are about eating, here is one suggestion to neutralize the effect of food, 'walk'. Morning and after dinner walks in the near park, market or with friends in winter is a fun and pleasant experience to have, my suggestion is do experience walks in Kabul streets especially when there is no mud water around.


 5. Driving

Driving in misty & foggy Kabul is an experience of its own, although the people of Kabul have the issue of uncleanliness and due to constructions and huge number of cars with small roads its quite difficult to have a satisfying ride yet there are some roads where you can have a beautiful driving experience especially at night time from 8-9 pm.

6. Patheera

I am sure there is no word for patheera in English. Yet, if there is one then I certainly do not know it. Patheera is also called sweet bread, cooked in tandoor from the mixture of oil, sugar, milk, flour with egg coating is one heavy bread to have, it remains soft and tasty for weeks.

It has been a long time since I have had one of these, but like they say "the later, the sweeter"

Have a good and peaceful winter.

Note: I am sure there are other interesting things as well but these are the ones I find 'cool' for winter, I got the idea of writing this blog from a brother in Lahore, please do ask if someone wants it.

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