Sound of silence!!

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     I can’t think of anything in a world to be more precious than…………. The lexical meaning of sound is something that can be heard and that of silence is quietness or lack of noise. Sound of silence, a phenomenon explained as unexplainable, an abstract and a complicated affair. The question is how one can hear the echo of silence when there is no sound for it at all. A great saying
         I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We've been taught that silence would save us, but it won't.
Audre Lorde 

      As the presence of one’s absence can be felt, the sound of silence can also be heard. This irregular-pattern and conceptual idea can be understood if one has experienced listening to his conscience. Sometimes, one can hear nothing even if there is an huge or enormous sound all around and sometimes you can hear despite there being no sound.

      The sound of silence is more powerful than any other sound. Image a dumb beggar pleading for money; won’t you understand what he wants? How would you know if he is asking for food? You can make it out by the sound he mix upon your mind without uttering any words from his orifice. A great saying
              Silence is a source of great strength.
Lao Tzu 

      Scientifically speaking, sounds travels at a great pace. “The speed of light is much faster than the speed of sound”. If we take light as a silence ( light makes no noise) than ultimately the velocity of silence is more than the velocity of sound itself.
      Sound of silence verses silence of sound may sound opposite but in fact the magic sound of silence starts working when the silence of sound brusts.

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