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The sources of Government Revenue are following: Taxes: Taxes contribute largest component in the Government revenue. Taxes may be direct or indirect. It leaved on the property wealth income tax and many more. Fee and Fine: Fee is the payment by the citizen for obtaining a specific service in return. Like registration fee court fee hospital fee education fee etc.


Fine is a penalty from a Government for violating the law of a country. It is also a source of revenue. E.g. challan convicts and fines. Price: Some of the service and products is given by Government to the public. The price is charged by such on items. Like electricity bill gas bill petroleum price etc. Special Assessment: It is a tax lived on property holder for improvement made to property by a public authority. It is also one of the revenue of Government.


Grants and Gifts: Some time Government receives grants from the federal Government. And gifts are given by another Government. Sometimes foreign countries gave gifts to the Government for maintaining best relation or for some other purpose. Income from state property and business: Some Government Departments earn profit by running a business or by its property for using it or selling it to others.


Interest: Government earns interest from banks and other Government financial institutions. Trade: Government also earns profit from trading of goods. It becomes the revenue of a Government. 

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