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News on television is very different from reading a newspaper. Reading newspaper helps us is language rules and in speaking English. On the other hand television effects on our eye side it causes headache and noise pollution. Newspapers do not need us to sit at a place. Television requires the person to be at a certain place.

 A busy man read newspaper anytime of the day. Television can provide us the most updated news. Newspaper can give us more detailed coverage. People who can read newspaper can comment to the articles by writing to the forum pages. But the viewer of the television can’t feedback because the news is very fast.

Television brings laziness in us. You can carry newspaper in your car, train, and at your work place. We can view the television anytime of the day. Newspaper comes late but the television updates us quickly as it happens.

Newspapers are available to every body but television is not at every bodies home, work place and other places. On television we can see whole documentary but on newspaper we can read only short part of the documentary.

A man who can’t read newspaper he can watch television and a man with weak eye side also watch television. People who read newspaper and watch television has more advantages.


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