South Asia, Step 1: Cultural Diffusion it's a Global Thing

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Cultural diffusion is no longer confined within the melting pot known as America, and hasn't been for a while. This really struck me, while I was watching the video New Herat, produced by Film Annex. Cultural diffusion is encased within the ever closing techno-socio gap of today's world. Globalization, if we like it or not, is a reality and will not go away. So instead of being skeptical of another society's differences, why not embrace them while capitalizing on the similarities. Using technology as a vehicle for collective intelligence worldwide, we can establish and pursue business ideas that were not thought possible fifteen years ago.

So as I stated before in the previous blog, I am very excited for the Afghan Development Initiative. As you follow what I do longitudinally over the next couple months through my blogs, I plan on learning as much I can about Central and South Asian cultures and business practices. I will be making it a point to express my thoughts, excitements, and concerns along the way during this time. By the end, I plan to not only establish myself as a global partner with people I never imagined before, but I plan on really seeing what a globalized world has to offer. Central and South Asia is an exciting place, containing well over one-fifth of the world's population; they contain emerging markets with a lot of potential. I hope everyone is as excited as I am. Check back soon.

 By the way, my power is back and I did not get attacked by any werewolves.


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