Speech Of molana Tariq Jameel..

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My Friends We are not on Allah & his prophet (s.a.w) way please Chose Muhammad (s.a.w) way....
Prophet Muhammad Mustafa(s.a.w) If Also says on the day of judgment'Get out of my sight).you indulged 
in adultery Dealt in interest,ran shops on alcohol,ran businesses on based on
lies and frauds,get out! No, No, No...

Every prophet from Adam(a.s)till Isa (a.s) will be saying ya Rabbi Nafsi, Nafsi,Nafsi......

where every Prophet( Adam(a.s).......) "Oh Allah protect my life today".Ya Allah Me, Me, Me....
A voice "ll be heard "Ya Rabbi Ummati, Ummati, Ummati,.......

Allah Pak says Who is this? Who is This? who is saying Ummah Ummah? What will they see? 
My and Your Prophet,The prophet of the world Muhammad Mustafa(s.a.w).

Oh Allah my Umaah,Oh Allah My Ummah, Oh Allah MY Ummah......
Oh My Brother,sisters & Friends, let us at least Become as Loyal(wafadar) As a Dog. who who
after eating the food of his owner Abandons him.

My Brother and sisters we are Muslims. God create us and send us on earth.So that we have to thanks Allah.Offer prayers & Pray to Allah. Allah send us on His beautiful earth.Where four different Weathers.Winter,summer and two more.. Thanks God.

But now a days we forgot Our God. Who creates us.Allah Engry with us.so that this is our situation. Our govnament cruel.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal said.

‘’God never change the rope of those people whenever they try to change thmselfs’’.

So my Brother  sisters & friends Please Pray to Allah..

Allah forgave us.

Allah forgave us.

Allah forgive us.

If u don,t want Then too Forgive us..

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