Spencer Beatbox - one talented and successful musician on Film Annex

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Today I want to write about one talented and successful musician on Film Annex.

His name is Spencer Polanco (Spencer Beatbox),  an American born Chinese-Ecuadorian beatboxer based in New York City.

He started his Film Annex profile a month ago. Today he has 9 blog-posts and 9 uploaded music videos.

His creativity, social media shares and followers help him to make about $14 daily. And it's just the beginning.

As you can see, his buzz score is growing up, giving him more revenue.

Spencer could be a great example of a new successful musician on film annex.

Especially, because his blog-post about "The 2013 Beatbox Championship" was picked for The Annex Press.

Today, I invited him for an interview, so you will know more about this young talented guy. 

Fred Kurzh

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