Sport, achievements, challenges and Afghanistan

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Sport impacts on a person from different aspects. It increases the physical power and strength and cause to be healthy. People, who fulfill sports, rarely get sick. It also brings a balance between physical and spiritual attitude of people. It improves the self-confidence, lead the people into victory, and make them to be more resistant, when facing the problems in the life. Sport brings cheerfulness and happiness to the life, causes the athletes to be more alive and makes them more hopeful to the future. It prevents obsessions and addiction. As human is a societal phenomenon, sport is one of the best ways to keep people in society sociable. It develops the relations and strength the public spirit.

In recent years that the community faced a better and free situation, their communication increased with foreign countries, new kinds of media came and fostered in the society, more people would be able to go to foreign countries for different reasons and the immigrants returned to Afghanistan, the people’s perspective changed about the sport. There are a lot the youths who joined the sport clubs in various kinds of it. The government and private sector made some infrastructures for the sport, but still there are obvious and remarkable problems left. The economics and security problems caused that some people leave the sport or are not able to joint it. There are thousands of sports’ clubs that are active all over the country, but further of all are for the boys, and the circumstances are so better for the boys in sport’s field than the girls.

But, there are a few sports’ clubs for girls in some big cities of Afghanistan, and some girls attend to these clubs. Unfortunately in traditional and religious environment of Afghanistan, the women are facing more challenges and problems in sport field. At first, the families do not have a good look about women and girl’s sport. So, they prevent them. In the society, the people have the same view about the sport, in their idea, sport is not for girls, so, when a girl is going to sport, and the people idea is not positively created about. The lack of sport’s infrastructures for the girls also cause them some challenges to be away of it. Totally, the community is not ready for the girls to go to sports clubs and be athletes. It causes half of the community to be out of sport field and face the sport’s progression to challenges in the community. To avoid from discrimination, and prepare the situation equally to all the members of a society, needs to change it cultural. The cultural situation of the society should bring a status that all the members of the community equally about their rights. 

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