Sport IS The Best way to Keep People Together/ Football in Afghanistan

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Football is the most popular sport in the entire world.  It has the most fans, clubs and players. It is a big business. There are a log of strict fans who manage their daily plans according the football matches, plays and shows.  It is now a part the most of the people’s life. It is a sport and a sound hobby. Some people like it professionally, but most of them think it an exciting hobby, and interesting sport.  In Afghanistan, in presence of TVs, radios, internet, newspapers, some special magazines for sport, and a huge number of websites, paying to sport directly or indirectly, sport especially football got a very particular attention from the sports lovers and fans. There are a lot of people who get together, make parties, invitations and friendly meetings to watch a football game and enjoy it. Since, the popular races happens in Europe and according to the time there, the time from Europe to Afghanistan is different about some hours, so happens most that the matches are held at  late night.  So, the football fan manages it to stay up and don’t lose the exciting match of football.

The football sport came to Afghanistan, by foreign teachers who were teaching in some schools in Afghanistan. For the first time, the Habibia High School students started playing football under their foreign teachers. They were practicing together for some times. In 1923 and 1924 CE the first four football teams established in Kabul by names of: Habibia High School Football Team, Estaqlal High School Football Team, Tafri Football Team and the last one, Mahajir Football Team. Then two other teams by name of Mahmodea and Ariana establish and the matches held between this team in independence anniversary ceremonies every year.  The India football national team was the first foreign team which came in Afghanistan and had a match with Mahmodea football team of Afghanistan.  The Mahmodea was the first football team of Afghanistan which did the first foreign trip to India to have matches with their football teams. Iran was the second foreign country, which a football team of Afghanistan by name of Ariana went to there. Afghanistan got membership of the global Football Committee in 1936 and Asia Football Commission in 1945.

Nowadays thousands of people are playing sport in Afghanistan. Most of them are interested in football. Football is a very popular sport in Afghanistan in the public. Ten thousands of the youths are playing football in thousands of football teams all over the country. As, lately   FIFA announced that   the football progression in Afghanistan is satisfiable and   it improved well.  In 2006 there was only about 19 thousand football player all over the country; seven years later in 2013 there are 52 thousand football players in Afghanistan. Among of them only 224 players are women.  Afghanistan’s place increased 48 in FIFA’s categories.    The Afghanistan’s national football team’s title is Lions of Khorosan, after a long period of disorder reformed in 2003 and brightened well during these years.

Sport is the best way to get nations and countries together from all over the world.  

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