Sports and Games

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Sports and games are very important part of everybody life the games is essential for the health. Sports and games very popular in Pakistan, England, Germany, France and U.S.A etc it is very important for the development of human personality. Spots and games build our health of mind and body a very famous proverb is “A health body has a health mind”. All the students like boy and girls play different games in school colleges even in universities, there are many festivals are held in school, college, university.

Now there are many sportsman, athletes, gymnasts, teachers who are trying to teach the different games to the girls and boys. Today the games are played in her lend. Many students play the different that organized game on high level in different countries, Sports and games create cheerfulness, discipline fellowship confidence and physical fitness. There are many cricket, Hockey, Football, Basket ball, and etc. These games are organized on high level. There are two type of games, indoor games, outdoor games, indoor games indoor games like cardboard and play cards the outdoor games are hockey, football, cricket and basket ball.


There are many games sports like fishing, riding, cycling and hunting. In summer many school and colleges held games in different cities like swat, Karachi, highway. Students visit for climbing the mountains. There are also many clubs and societies hold athletic contests these contest include walking, jogging, jumping, swimming throwing light weight and gymnastics. These all games are very important for the health of body and mind for play these games there are also doing exercise regularly that make their body fit and healthy. There is a well know proverb. “All works and no play makes jack a dull boy“.

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