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                                      sports industry is a market i which people,are involved in producing,facilitating for the business purpose only focusing on sports.This is the type of market in which the activities are related to the provide its buyers the sports related items.


                                 sialkot is the city located in the northeast of the Punjab and it is the most famous city at twelfth number by the population in Pakistan.The population of Sialkot is more than three million and more than 300,000 people are working indirectly and directly to industrial sector.

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Manpower Availability

                                          Manpower with respect to its labour skills there are 15 technical /commercial and vocational institutions for men and woman (10 for men and 5 for women) where the training is given in various trades like Technical,Mechanical,Auto-engineering,welding,wood-works and Commerce etc and For women the training sessions includes hand-machine,knitting and stitching etc.Approximately 2460 trainers are trained to join the different fields every year.


                                                Sialkot has richly deserve the its economical value and contributes in respect of its industry making hand made footballs and other sports items.For this purpose local factories are established and they produce 40 to 60 million footballs per year which is 70% of total world's total production.


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Sports items and Manufacturer

                                                                         The city of sialkot has been a centre of excellence for the products used in sports for more 100 years it has a very rich history.The first manufacturing which is a record in sports items way back in 1883 with the sports goods like cricket bats,hockey sticks and polo sticks etc.The Football was added in 1918 as manufacturing sports goods and supplied to British Army.Till now it has been a great honour for Pakistan that its manufacturing sports items are exported all over the world.

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Exporting Sports Goods 

                                                    Pakistan is exporting the handmade sports items to almost every country of the world directly or indirectly.Mostly the products are made to international demands in all over the world because of its best recognition and the the quality of the product and the Raw material and the how the products are given to its ultimate users all depends on the industry"s involvement.

Here are some renowned brands that are sourcing large number of portion of their supplies of sports goods from Sialkot are 

1) Adidas 

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2) Nike 


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3) Puma 






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4) Select 

5) Lotto 

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6) Umbro 

7) Mitre 

8) Micassa

9) Diadora

10) Wilsons 

11) Decathlon 

Employment Opportunities for the people 

                                                                            The sports industry has given a brief chance to the people of Pakistan specially the which are living in the areas of Sialkot and more than 200,000 people are employed and the sports goods are exported worth Us 450$ annually to almost 2400 companies around the Globe.

Sialkot produces more than 70% of the total world demand for the hand stitched footballs and the companies are expanding its productions during the peak season which repeats after 4 years on the occasion of FIFA world cup because of its high quality and demand.

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International Presence 

                                          Pakistan's has a great strong international presence in the international market.Before china's massive enterance in the international market Pakistan was the largest exporter of gloves of bikers,goalkeepers,baseball,boxing,shooting and now the export of gloves reaches to US 50$ annually.

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Exporting Sportswears

                                       There are some of the articles that are sportswears exported that includes

1) Track suit

2) Football

3) Boxing 

4) Cycling

5) Shorts

6) T-Shirts

7) Wind Breakers

8) Karate-Kits

9) Casual wear

10) Stockings









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