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There are different kind of sports some are physical and some are indoor. International countries organize such sport events by which all countries can take part in it, sports between countries can release international tensions and patriotic emotions in a safe way but on many occasion due to sports among countries many tensions occurs and they take it as country matter.

In sports events like football, it is a good way to release tensions in countries. Almost 190 plus countries are taking part in football events, but their is a negative side to each aspect as some countries don`t like other and in sports they shows it , as we are going with football we can take example from it that some players hit others in game, in football many injuries occurs to players due to this shameful act.
In the same way by sports a country shows his power to others but this is not the true meaning of sports. We can take example from Pakistan and India that they are enemies of each other and this can be seen among their players, like in cricket if one team losses then the winning country criticize the losing one, even people of losing one tries to kill their players.This should be stopped.

In my opinion sports should be used to release tensions among countries.Sports ground is not a battle field its a way to play together.It can be used to release international tensions and should not be used in a negative way.


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