Stakeminers - This Week - 08 February 2016 >The Future of PoS Mining<

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Welcome to our 11th month in business.

- Minimum deposit is 0.05 BTC.
- Invested BTC 123 / Current Value 35 BTC = change -72%, a
0.07% decline from December.
- Earnings remain at 0.51% the same as last week.

Withdrawals - The principal payout cap is 0.35 BTC per week. There are 4 principal and 5 partial principal withdrawals in progress for a total of 13 BTC.

Overview - Earnings remain unchanged from last week so we hope altcoin prices have found their floor.

Altcoin Review - Stakeminers is conducting a review of the altcoins we stake and discussions will held at the Board of Investor meeting on February 8, 2016.

Have a good week.
------------------------------------------------- is a crypto-currency altcoin Proof of Stake (POS) company with current holdings in 12 altcoins. We provide our clients with a variable rate of return generated from our stake pool earnings. Please see our website or email us at: info (at) for more information.