Stance for the snooker

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Snooker being a mind game is not only related to how you angle the shot or where you hit the ball. A good physical fitness is required and also the physicial postures. As i explained in the last blog how to hold the snooker cue, there are many other things that are inter related and a good player needs to master them before he should play the ball.


Once the player master how to hold the cute and practice the second thing is stance. It is all about standing at the right place and at the right angle to the ball you are about to hit. You should bend your upper body from the hips and your right foot should be straight and left leg bent a little. Your eyes should be straight looking at the place where you are going to hit the ball. 


Once you get the grip and the stance right practice it for a while keep hitting the ball in the same place try and pot it and then i am going to explain the third part for the beginners. 



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