Starting off..

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I am a starter here in Bitlanders. It was a good welcome though. But, I am certain that effort will be needed here in order to earn. I am still a student and I wish to earn money even when I am still studying. I want to help my parents to pay my fees at school. Anyway, let's not jump to some emotional "poor thing" stuffs.

Actually I just want to write this to say hello to anyone who might be able to read this, so much for a greeting huh..

OK, I usually posts blogs in my mind, I don't really post them online, this is like my 2nd or 3rd one, I'm not sure, forgot when was the last anyways, hehe.

I just hope people are friendly here, I may not be around much, but when I do, yer gonna be reading some of my blogs, yep, blogs, that's what they call it I guess..

Thanks for reading, although I won't pay you for it, nyahahahhaa! HELLO! ^_^


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