State Of The Nation Address of President Benigno Aquino III

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This is the sixth and final state of the nation address of president benigno aquino iii. i'm not really a political critic kind of person but then i watch closely as the president delivers his sona. i myself did not vote the president as well. there are lots of critics around the president who does negative comments against him. well, i'm just a person who don't give a damn to all the action of the president. as long as he is doing what is best for the country then he is a good president. 

my only complain was the past president didn't really didn't make any good to our country. she just enjoyed a lot of years in the palace and indulging in the money of the people. we didn't have any positive and good accomplishments in the past.she manage to take the money and distribute it to her immediate family. what a damn! but then again karma is faster than what we could ever imagine. 

for this regime there are great achievements seen. one of them is the modernization of the armed forces and air defense capabilities of the country. this is a milestone as most of the past president don't really care what is happening to their people. even the government have a little achievements. at least they have tried to modernize the dying forces of the philippines. corruption is at minimum. their are lots of people who have crab mentality that joins those political march or some rallies around the batasang pambansa. well this is to show freedom of speech but i don't really like what they are doing. they are destroying properties through their mindless acts and actions. well, if i'm one of them, i should just be staying home and work for the welfare of my family. i think this doesn't do some good to any of the people or to our government. make up your mind and help our nation progress. that is the work of a good filipino citizen. 

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