States of Natural Gold ,Uses and their properties

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Gold is also found in nature. It is present in rocks and mountains and under the earth. Gold is present in nature as well as it is prepared artificially. Gold is very expensive metal.

The prices of gold is very high and increases day by day in the market. The presence of gold is in any country of the world are greatly affected the economy. Economy of every country depends on the many things and one of them is the amount of gold.Naturally gold is present in united states America Canada.

But low quality of gold is also present in the mountains of Pakistan. The artificial gold is prepared in many countries. In every country of the world , gold is used as jewellery. Mostly gold is specified for women but men are also use the gold in the form of chain and rings.

The jewellery of gold is the special element in the marriage ceremonies and without it marriages will be incomplete. Gold is also used for the decoration of the house especially the houses of royal families. In the old age, gold is present in the form of coins and the king and queens used the gold has jewellery.

At that time, the peoples buried the gold in the earth due to the purpose of safety. In this age the safest place of the gold is bank. The peoples put the jewellery in locker. Gold is used as metal in industries. It is used in the manufacturing of different industrial products.

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