Steganography and Cryptography in image

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As u know I am student in Delhi University and know i am working in a project by the name of IMAGE BASED STEGANOGRAPHY AND CRYPTOGRAPHY,the steganography is a technique which hides the message in image and video, now a day there are so many people which want to attach to the the secret data and specially in some organizations  that has so important data like Government when they want to send some data from one place through internet its good for them to be save till reach to the receiver,for make sure of this kind of situation there are some techniques which are make secure the data till reach to cryptography to encrypt the data, steganography to hide the data and also digital watermarking that hide the data no one can modify, copy or detect here I am doing only steganography and cryptography on image by some special technique which when you see the image you can not distinguish between original image and the image that applied stegano technique . this the way that it will take to hide the data in image.



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I am laleh farzan from Afghanistan I graduated from Computer Science faculty of Herat University now I am doing Msc(computer Science) in India.

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