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Jed McCaleb the founder of MtGox and Ripple has launched a new digital currency called stellar. Jed has been working on this secret bitcoin project ever since he had disputes at Ripple labs and started selling his premined XRP. Stellar is a decentralized gateway for digital currency-to-fiat currency transfers, and it has its own Digital currency called stellar. Stellar is not for profit and has set a distribution model to encourage widespread adoption of Digital currency through a free distribution of a new alternate currency. Half of the 95 billion coins will be released through facebook to anyone who links their facebook account with stellar. This is a limited time offer and they are giving away free virtual currency to the masses! Create a Stellar acount at you will then receive Stellar for linking to Facebook and for sending 1000 to username (Biz) or this address gNSBSgVqJVMNF3JDWL8C768f1JQANoo5gT you will get reimbursed 1000 by the Stellar foundation and i will send you 500 as well totaling 1500 stellar.

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