Stop child labor

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child labor is a crime.
this crime increasing day by day.
we can observe by ourselves that on every work stations we can find innocent child as worker.
weak body, innocent faces, sad eyes, dirty dresses, bearing insults from every person.
this is our future?
don"t we think that we are destroying our future, ?
converting our future into darkness ?
yes this is true…
we are all involve in this crime because we are not taking necessary actions against it.
did"t you watched ever?
did"t you think ever about this matter?
our innocent flowers working on, car washes stations,
in hotels ,
shoe polishes
tea stalls,
selling flowers,
in brisks making,
in offices,
in factories.
etc etc
these are only some examples
every where we can find them .
my question is this " who will care"
this is my personal duty to take care as i can and as all of you can.
simple way to protest against that " take responsibility for some child’s even take only one"
i hope we can change our society.hope is always here

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