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Michael's Dream Foundation are proud supporters for the AdLLaw Initiative; an initiative which is working hard to change the defamation laws so that the deceased have rights.

Currently; defamation laws do not extend to the deceased. This means that anybody can slander, defame and libel them without any reprisals. And the families of those victims are powerless to stop them.

Defamation doesn't just affect people in the public eye. It can affect ANYONE. If could even happen to YOU. How would YOU feel if it was YOUR legacy being tarnished and your loved ones were powerless to do anything about it?

That is why the AdLLaw Initiative is so important. The out-dated laws NEED to change. The deceased have interests which live on long after their death. Their legacy is just as important as the legacy of the living.

Please do take time out to add your signature to the petition. Share it among your friends so that they can sign too! We need the voices of many to ring out if we are to get this law changed by congress!


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