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Chiang Mai the day in April ... Chinese imperial yellow blooms message streets, filled with petals falling tree. Sun through the leaves lap, bouncing down the road, more sparkling yellow petals. The leisurely bike on the road, people crossing the street cavalier. I quietly sat in a café .Roi naturally I cried in the middle of crowded places. It's okay to stop tears stopped falling. But how much pent-up emotions suddenly burst through the day, I cried aloud, and shed tears so. I feel like my heart melt, heart pain that sank ..


At that time, some people may come to light touch on my shoulder. I looked up and saw a hand towel given to me. I glanced at the boy and saw him smile, he motioned me wipe the tears away. Thus the more I cried and sobbed. He waited patiently until I stopped crying then handed me the bottle and said, "Yeah additional water after crying". I took the bottle of water, took a deep breath. Then, wiping away tears just to say thank you.

- She lost love you? The boy turned to me

- How do you know? I sobbed.

- I'm guessing it. At that she traveled alone. Cry even in a crowd.

I choked back the tears inside, preventing them from falling down. One evening, when showers passed through the small town, and I walked together Huy on wet roads. We are talking idly together the story, the story does not end then suddenly started not Huy stopped suddenly as I almost hit him. He looked at me and said, "We parted away. Will not like all the times before, when I threatened to break up if Huy to drop out if he's sliding entrance exam class talent, this time, parting farewell is true. know that when I look into the eyes Huy. I kept asking him why, if he had iêu others, or I was doing something wrong. they do not quarrel anger, love our iêu, I think is still very nice. Huy said that, I am not at fault, and not because of the presence of a third person, which is only natural he found himself no longer I iêu more.'s just like that. across the rain ... Huy walked away, and I was just standing there looking under the shadow fading Huy, then burst into tears. Tears mixed in rain. so divide hand. 5 year love ends with a sentence like "I do not find myself still iêu you more."

I do not call Huy, not looking to see him the next day but just wondering why you say goodbye, why he no longer iêu me more ...

- I and my girlfriend had just parted. We have promised to become good friends even after further iêu no longer the star .In have become strangers when we have so many different iêu trade, as against each other, we has been very important. Are also good friends, like, something we are still the same. - He suddenly told me that, as close to the point we can share everything together.

- We can not be like that. Because, now every time I think about him still crying, still very painful. Then one day, we will forget each other, do not remember anything about each other ... We still have a lot to want to do together, places they would like to.

And we do not say anything, just watched silent distance. I was remembering Huy, and you probably will think he is thinking. We have those that own heart without saying can understand. I turned to him, ask him if you want to come to this place with me? He looked at me surprised, but still smiling nod.

Tuk tuk drove us to the elephant camps in ChiangMai.

I watched enthralled carded elephants are slow moving, playful elephants, suction hose and spray water all over the place and then dress her in the mud.

- An elephant can live an average of 60 to 80 years there. Baby elephant pregnant for 22 months, new born. We always lived together in groups, to protect each other, care for each other, even the other elephants feeding if necessary thiet.Chung loves to swim, and swim very well, even swimming in the sea. I involuntarily say things I've ever heard.

- She has a lot of knowledge about elephants?

- We used to park to watch the elephants there. He used to tell me about elephants, he said, then this will raise an elephant in nha.Toi involuntarily smiled at the thought of it. Because there are so many elephants in Thailand, so we have to come together. Yet, I only came here alone ..

- She likes elephants because she likes it or because he likes so she likes?

- I do not know! But I really like elephants, we always want to have their own elephant.

We sat quietly together like that until the last rays of the day fell, shattered on the ground. We broke up ... He continued his journey to India, I returned to Vietnam right after that day. We do not promise the day will meet again, do not ask your phone number or address to contact. We parted with a smile. It is good because we met here, in this context, and together overcome the difficulty hurt feelings.

I thought thought the world was broken to pieces after the pain, tears, of farewell. Yet after all, it was still very green and sunny yellow still. Earth is still spinning, as I still have to continue your life, even when no Huy. I do not ask myself why I say goodbye again, he still occasionally present in each of nostalgia, when everything around just always reminds me of him. I saw his heart was deeply hurt not like saying goodbye again at Huy.

Then, one day, Huy my appointment. He said, I want to pass around a Hanoi by bike, because there are times I've wanted to, but he has done for me. At Huy to pick me up, I burst out laughing when he saw him sitting on a tiny bike, his limbs are long cumbersome clumsy not know to where.

- Get in the car, he will carry you to where you want to. This is a parting gift from you. Huy has seen me, has spoken out before.

- You do not have to do it my self. I told Huy's, and sat in the car.

Incremental power commander pressed the pedal, the car rolled and twisted oblique dash on the road. I hand back the wind, feeling the power flow accidentally slipped through his fingers once. The wind blew my hair busy to enjoy. I said to the wind:

- Huy Well, it's like too!

- Like it? He will speed up okay! Huy said drowned the sound of the wind.

He put force on the feet, gong fast bikes, cars spiraling labor. We boisterous laugh. Suddenly, I hugged Huy, leaning his head against the shoulder anh..Gio were rushing to bring us together, and then suddenly push us too far on public places .. Command Pass me around the streets of Hanoi we go on the road we went, to the places we have been to. Both a rush of nostalgia on the street, Hanoi is so huge that place is my footprints and his shadow. We have come together through the season deciduous trees, the white flowering season skimmed a corner of the sky, the seasons trees shade the road leaves, drizzle the wet season the aisle ..

Huy stopped at eateries in our universities. And Huy I am recalled memories of five years ago, the first time we met, as well as each day we iêu. All are displayed clearly before our eyes like a movie. That day, we had the meeting with students under lock. We accompany singing and eating after school exchange program ends. Now I'm sitting in the cafeteria Huy smiled at me, "Sister, I love it." I had barely reaction, Huy has suddenly kissed me ...

I just always wondered love is over, then it will go? They will take it to heart or will throw it into a corner somehow? Is it time goes by, love will be forgotten and disappear completely? Probably lost love does not know when it ends, it goes on in each of us and that we by now. I was a stronger and he is a mature, more mature. Love is not not change, we just have to change it. We're not together anymore, because we're no longer together iêu enough to be able to grasp each other's hands. Just like that ...

Command Pass me home, we parted ways before the small alley into my house ..

- This is the last thing I can do for you ... I'm sorry em..nhieu..Huy finished speaking, then turned the car driving away.

- Huy Well, I called his name. Thank you sincerely iêu me during the past 5 years. Thank you sincerely say no iêu me. Since you know, I have learned to like what he likes, what he read and read, or go to the place he comes, do what you do. Initially, all these things just because you alone, but then gradually, I really like what you're doing. Thank you for giving me something really new, but if not iêu him, I'll never know. Thank you for entering my life and stay in my heart.

Huy run again hugged me tightly.

- Thank you for always being by my side all this time and become the source of his motivation strong. Without you, make him quit school so can not graduate and become a doctor like this. Thank you for making me grow up and mature. Thank you because he saw you and me iêu.

- Since we've ever had iêu together and respect each other. Should we think of each other with the most beautiful things okay. For our hearts are peaceful welcome new feelings, so that we truly love and respect for the future of our lives. .

I gently pushed out hugs Huy "He'll be going on." Huy looked at me and slowly driving the car.

- Do not turn your head. Let's just walk away. Then we will meet again at the front. As friends.

Huy walked away, and I was just standing there looking under the shadow fading Huy, but no farewell tears. I just smiled, relieved to feel strange. I turned away, walked to his house, the alley alley from one another, a boy appeared:

- Why are you here?

- I just moved here. What about you?

- I live here.

- Trips to India how his?

- Excellent! He laughed at that, I do not see any lovelorn girl again.

I laugh. Golden light pours through a small alley. There are just gaze into each other and was very gentle.

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