STORY TIME: Being the Eldest in the Family <3

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Being the eldest in the family is the toughest role I have ever encountered in my whole life! It is indeed the toughest because you have a lot of things you need to accomplish and a lot of things you need to prove. I can say that because, I am the eldest in our family and I have 4 siblings. I have 1 sister and 3 brothers. Who else here are the eldest in the family? Well, for sure, you can relate much with this blog. :D

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>> You Need to be the Role Model to Your Siblings <<


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One thing I really hate the most because, as the eldest, their expectation of you is to be PERFECT! Because, as what my mom always tells me

Your siblings are looking up to you.

Which is, exactly true. But, one thing that they don’t understand is, it is also putting pressure on the eldest. Like me, before, I dropped some of my subjects in college because, the schedule is too early, and I always get late that is why I decided to drop it. I didn’t tell my mom about it because I was thinking that I will be able to just fix the problem I created but I was wrong. I wasn’t able to that is why I needed to extend one semester just to take that subject. I got so pressured and I even don’t want to go home anymore when I heard about that news. Because I feel so guilty and I feel that it will be a disgrace for them since I am the eldest.


>> You Are Obligated to Watch Over Your Siblings <<

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When the parents aren’t around, you will really be the one who is obligated to watch over your siblings. You stand as their second mom when your mom is not around. You need to make sure that they have eaten at the right time. You have to make sure they have gone to shower and all that good stuff. It is tiring but, also, it is FUN <3


>> You Are Obligated to Manage the House When Your Parents Aren't Around <<


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I remember when my mama and my papa went somewhere and then I was just the one who is left in the house with my siblings. I really needed to manage the house. I ask my brother to sweep the floor and I wash the dishes, get the table ready for meals and all that. That’s just how it is when you are the eldest :D


>> You Are Obligated to Help Your Parents Financially After You Graduate <<


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Well, I guess this part here is true to all the offspring but, the eldest will really be the first one who will fulfill this one. I remembered last summer, I already have a job and I was the one who bought school supplies for my brothers and also to my cousins who are living in the house with us.


>> Even if it is Your Younger Brother's/Sister's Fault, You Will be the One Who Will be Scolded <<


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This is really true. I have a lot of experiences like this and I know those eldest in the family out there can relate to what I am trying to say. Say for example, your parents assigned you to do certain tasks. You, as the eldest will do the dishes. Your younger sister will be closing the windows at night before you go to sleep. The next day, your father noticed that the window wasn’t closed the night before. And, they will be scolding you even if it wasn’t your assigned task. WHY? Because they will be all like…

You are the eldest. You are supposed to be the one who checks on your siblings if they were able to do their assigned task.

See? HAHA! Everything will lead back to you. LOL! That’s how life is when you are the eldest


>> Your Parents Are Overprotective of You <<


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One thing that I really wasn’t able to understand when I was still in college. Because, when I will be asking my father to go on a team building with my classmates and it is going to be overnight, my papa won’t really let me go but when my younger sister will be the one to ask my papa, he will say Yes. That sounds unfair, right?


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Those things listed on top might sound a bit negative. But, there are also perks on being the eldest in the family. :D


>> You Can Command Your Siblings What To Do Real Quick <<


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For example, right now, I ask my sister to do something for me. I let her deliver the items to my customers there in our province since she went home and I am still here in the city. If my sister is the one who asks me to do something, I only say Yes sometimes but, if I will be the one to ask her to do something, she should say Yes because I am the her older sister. LOL! (sounds kind’a bossy) My sister may do what I ask her to do but, she will also murmur and she is always COMPLAINING. LOL! :D But, at least she did what I ask her.


>> You Are The Priority Most of the Time <<


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Say when I was still in college, when I will be asking my parents money for my projects, they will really prioritize me before my younger siblings. They will even tell my brother,

Yes, I will give you tomorrow. Let’s just settle your “ate” first. (“Ate” means “older sister” in English)



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If I can only turn back time, I don’t want to the eldest in the family. I want to have an older brother because I always get jealous of those people who have older brothers because there’s someone who can protect them. But, anyways, I won’t be able to turn back time anymore. I don’t have the power to do that. So, I just have to deal with it. :D In the end, life goes on. :D :D :D 


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