Stripped of his wife carried raising money cave

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In addition to gambling he even ate her in a cave as a couple, shopping for her, bringing tourists everywhere. Once he went 6 months did not go home, do not worry interested in children, and was able to bring the car, take the red book pledged money snacks.
I am married for almost 10 years and have two lovely children. From time to know each other, love each other we met with outcry from the husband. That they had been married, although my husband is only child but throughout the wedding mother can not get a laugh, make you think I do not deserve her son.

Single time I shop for complete everything in the family, except my home is being rented. Husband, he came to me with empty hands. British motorcycles, but after he was married to the car my dad went to the couple share a car. My husband's income first time only 400 thousand / month income while my brother than a dozen times. We have 4 years of fun and happiness despite a very difficult life.

I'm a smart girl but no way her husband, very clumsy but cooking for her husband's family, I always take care of grandparents, grandparents house now not missing something. After the wedding was a period of about 3 months, we took him to live with her in this. Cash and cash wedding save a little money plus our grandparents bought a house for his grandparents in, and my wife and collective agency.

Family life and study of two children eating a lo my hand. I never heard of her husband's salary because his salary is too low, just enough for his breakfast, coffee. During this time my wife and I are saving to buy a plot of farmland to spend it.

The turning point of my family started from the middle of 2008, after 4 years my husband started working in business, working capital borrowing spouses, and sometimes secret, the workers get pay my salary. I have just drawn monthly salary today, are placed next to her husband to pay the workers, and I had to borrow money to care for children, care for their families. After my husband earned money, you have the right to self-love doing what they do, great shopping no matter what my opinion. Even his voice was to ask me "How to save your mother salary anywhere then."

I mortification, children's education, household spending, and even raising both him (because of the money he do not affect me, but spend a dime to get working capital savings), so that he insulted me by saying so. In the first three years of business, from 2008 to 2010, he brought me was 400 million. By the middle of 2011 we bought a plot of land for residential housing as a collective payment of rent is too high. This land worth 550 million and our 150 million bank loan.

My salary is 10 million times / month, his salary was 2 million / month, of course I would never hold his salary. Two years just try it until 2010 he begins to reveal its nature, gambling, shock discs, football betting, what is good. There are only a night time he baked 200 million to dig disk shock, I later learned.

In 2010, how much money he's made out to bake all my money and still get more than 20 million to repay. I was so bored, but I try to live and hope he modified himself. In 2011 he did not eat again but continued to gamble. It was not enough, in addition to gambling he even ate at her with a cave as a couple, shopping for her, brought travel everywhere, of course, is stripped of her money.

During my nearly ten years of one heart care for children, care for him and for his family, the husband had never once been her husband bought a gift. For a time he went 6 months did not go home, do not worry interested in children. During this time he was able to bring the car, take the red book pledged money snacks. I am so sick of the New Year 2012 should have walked away, then he returned to the care of children, and also because of all the money, I can not support any more.

After the New Year and I filed for divorce, his parents met my family and please ignore him. Then he gave me a loan of 200 million, his motorcycle died of gambling, the red book and the plot of my motorcycle he had pawned, I have to take a car loan agency welcome children to school. They say I think of two children that sell land to pay debts to the husband, my mother had said something that I remember, "From the day I take it you have not sacrificed anything for it. In ancient times also announced gambling, she must sell all the furniture in the house to repay the father, while the not sell anything ".

So nearly a dozen years my hand feed the whole family, care homes, grandparents are not missing something, it is not a sacrifice you? I hear that anger in my heart but had tried fasting, I was then told myself I would sacrifice according to her once she later could not say anything. I had drawn a divorce, selling 300 million agricultural plots, begged his grandmother bought for how the land was sold so quickly.

Give him 150 million debt and take the car, take the red book on the remaining plots. I told him this is the last time I forgive and ignore all gambling, girls gu to stop immediately. If so I know it will not have the opportunity to 2nd where he had promised in front of me and the family will terminate all to care for his wife and children.

Get reasons and now everyone knows he is not ashamed to want to exercise more, so I immediately building. I built a house out of more than 300 million level 4, he supervised the construction lo money building one hand while I worried from the beginning to the end, because who let him borrow the debtor was gambling. After getting home I let him borrow another 100 million to continue to do business.

The idea with me from this life peacefully and happily, he has moved to new offices have better salaries, 4 million / month. I think it's time reassuring her, do not eat a thing in his cave for the past two years she was released. She called me and said everything. By this time, the patience and endurance I had not. I filed a divorce, he said let the opportunity but I do get the chance to. I can not tolerate, does not admit such altruism.

It is bitter to me than his family indifferent to me, even months after the story no one in the family to see me or phone to motivate. Several daily husband's sister and always treated me as his sister have become indifferent indifference sister's pain. Only after knowing the fact exacerbated his new family to my house to talk. My mother all day is sit scold him, not up to me.

She told me that her husband "Play it for the type of kindness that play, do not play that kind of prostitution that disease in the procession." Turns out she encouraged her son to go on adultery but must earn a decent kind of nice. Only when I told both decided to divorce her then that she learned to my presence. Then she began to talk to me, tell me to give him a chance.

As he said in front of everyone that "Give me a second chance, I do not promise anything because nobody believes promise, but I'll demonstrate by action." And actions prove that he is the first to bring the next day car travel AB took money gambling to new 2am. I feel that there is nothing to regret. At least I gave him a chance, but he does not know avail, I insisted on a divorce.

I won custody and told him to leave the house, the only asset for my child's parents, but he refused, demanding semi-split. I can not leave my child in the way so I will get accepted and put the money to him. Watched him count every penny, every penny that I find myself bitterly. 8 years of friendship is like this couple.

Pending court handling a divorce, he had to eat a girl. I did not know he was with anyone because I discovered that in addition to her cave, he was dating another man. She does he also confided to his friends that he was in love with.

He also told friends that are girls playing trivial thing, not the right to divorce. My daughter said the night always call him "father of the child to sleep," but he did not care. The Court referred to the meeting, said in court he did not want a divorce, because I do so because of pride strain man he just signed the application.

I really do not know what he wants from me anymore, I'm extremely tired. The Court advised me to give him the opportunity for crime two children, they are too small, but who will give me the opportunity here? If I have to live for the misery they should not? If I want to leave this life, then this future my kids will like? Please give me some advice, encouragement for me to move on.

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