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Today I am going to write about a life which is the best part of everybody's life. Everybody has different stages of life. When a person born, then he do not know about the world. But as he grew up, he starts thinking about of the world. And after a certain period of time he has to go to attend school. At the beginning a child don't want to go there in school. But he is not aware that he the school is best place for him to learn to live in this world. There he can learn to speak, to read, to write, to walk and clear the different hurdles of life. Today I m going to talk about the different points about student life. And I hope you will enjoy those.

1. Golden Period of Life:

Students life is the golden period of our life. A period student dose not have a need to think about his livings, about money or any other problem. He is free in his wills and feelings. He can do whatever he want. Even if a thing is not in his reach, he can cry in front of parents to get that. And most of the time his parents fulfill his dream. In student life he can indulge in different games. He can go out with his friends. And if the student is sensible then he will make both things, his enjoyment as well as his study. Because the most essential part of this life if study. During this period sensible student remains attached to the aim of passing examinations. It is a period of preparation of thosw social, economic and religious problems of life which he expect to face in future. And the school is the best place where a student can make things very much easy for his future life.

2. Everything looks lovely:

Student life has its own smiles and tears, joys and sorrows. In this period of life every thing looks lovely. Because the student is  Ignorant of the sad experiences of the world and the serious struggle of life one begins a career of intellectual life as a student. So a student just think about his present time and not for the future. Because in most of the cases he is not so mature that he had a deep eye on his future. So he is free of all the difficulties and hurdles which he has to face in his future life. It is a time to think of paradise. He just think about the dreams which he wants to fulfill. And at this time the dreams are very pleseant and he feels that he can save humanity from all the ills and can make this world a paradise.

3. A prince for the family:

A college student specially is a prince to the members of his family whose pleasures every body seeks, whose wishes every body respects and whom every body loves. He is a real prince in the eye of everybody. The family members lookafter him very carefully. They take care of his needs. Actually this age is very beautiful in many aspects. Students is going to enter in prectical life. Whiere he has to face many challenges, many hudrles and many people. College life is fit to teach each and every thing about these hurdles.  Even the law treats the students mildly because they are the hope of tomorrow and on them rests the good name of the nation. 

4. Duties of a student:

However, there is no rose without a thorn and no pleasure without pain. A student has certain duties to discharge to his own self, to his parents, to his family, to his country, to the world and to God. "To thine own self be true" is the voice of wisdom, which if listened to a student life must hear rich fruit. As the path of duty is the only way to glory, we should remember that this path is not so easy. This is a path full of difficulties. A student must seek for his duties. He has to obey laws which are made by his parents and his country. Because in his college life he is in full energy. He just think that he is the only one in this world. And no one can defeat in any aspect. But actually it is not so. So a student should be wise enough to compete in a good manner against any opponent with wisdom and not with energy. Actually college life is a better place for student to teach these things. 

5. A period of discipline:

Students life is a period of discipline which demands a good deal of patience and sacrifice. A student without a sense of discipline is just like a ship without sails, which may never come safe to the harbour. It is for him, therefore, to realise that by his actions, he may make or mar the future of his people. The voice of age and experience is the voice of wisdom and must be respected. A student who is hones, brave and daring at the college stage is sure to prove a brave soldier or an honest statesman in his future life. In this age he learn to stay in decipline. 

Thus student life has its own responsibilities, pleasures, duties, joys and sorrows. This is the best period of life. The student should be sensible enough to use this period wisely.Here are some links to know much about this topic. I am hopeful that you will find this blog informative for yourself.





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