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Student is someone who studies or learns something either in the class or outside the class to add their knowledge every time. There are many kinds of student, such as: lazy student, diligent student, smart student, stupid student and so on.

How to motivate the lazy student?

Lazy student needs more attention from parents and from a teacher. She/ He is lazy to study because of many factors, for example : because of their environment, family, the motivation to study and many other factors. To solve this problem, the teacher must be closer to them by giving more attention than the diligent students. They need to be guided when they are being lazy and need to be motivated by a teacher.

Diligent student is very good because they can study well without disturbing other friends in the classroom and the teacher will enjoy teaching them. The diligent students are easy to do assignments and duties from the teacher because they have realized with their obligation in the classroom. They must be good example for the other students at school.

Smart student is someone who understands what the teacher explained in the classroom. They are easy to accept the subject given without any questions or interruptions. They usually study before they go to school because they think that preparation is a half of work.

Stupid student needs guidance from the teacher to study together. They must be educated well in order to be smarter than before because they are the asset of nation. If they have been success, they will always remember their teacher since in kindergarten until senior high school.


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