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The person who is under learning stage is known as student. Students are of many types. These are following: Students with IQ above 130: these are very intelligent students and their performance is very good. They have many abilities. They are confident. They gain higher marks than other students. These are prominent in the society.


Parents and teachers should pay attention on them so that they use their abilities in positive way. Students with IQ 70 to 120: These are normal students. They are also good in studies. But their abilities in some matters are low. Students with IQ below 70: These students need special attention because their thinking ability is low. They cannot be able to compete in society. Teachers should also pay special attention to them and teach them in that way that they can pick the studies.


Deaf Students: these are not able to hear. Their hearing abilities are low or little by birth or by accident. These are special schools and institutions for these types of students. Teachers teach them by signs because they cannot hear. They are aggressive by nature and it’s difficult to handle them.


Blind Students: these students are not able to see. There is special institution for these students. They also have special books to read.

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