Students activities in Afghanistan: Weekly Report of Bagh Nazargha

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During the last week, all the students were present in the school, and did exercises in the computer class and the laboratory. The Maihan TV had an interview with the students about information technology and the manner of working with computer.

Now all the students are familiar with the social media. They know, what is social media? And, How to work with them? They write articles for Filmannex and share with other social media.

Perspective of a student from Bagh Nazargha High school: Internet is a new technology of the contemporary period that has its own facilities, especially for the students of schools. The students can reach to information by the internet and improve their abilities. 

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Film Annex's production crew in Afghanistan documents an ordinary day at Baghnazargah School, which is 5 kilometers away from Herat. The school was established in 1989. In this video, we get a glimpse into the lives of female students, what they do in classrooms, how they play and exercise outdoors,…

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