students and the modern age.

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 Students are the category of people which are under the process of gaining education.Students are considered the great treasures of nation.They are the most important section of society and are considered the great treasures of a nation.the bright future of a country rests on students. The word modern signifies the age in which we are living is better than the barbarous times in many respects.the present age is called the age of science and education is a continous process and modern age has inherited many things from the past in respect of the needs of students change in the modern developed age.there is a need of new developed scientific past the great scientist like Einstein ,Newton and Galileo has given tremendous achievements in the field of science and technology just on the basis of education and in today's time the contribution of Doctor Abdul Qadir khan in the field of chemistry is marvellous. The trends of modern age are the new branches of knowledge and practice,the new discoveries,inventions,innovations and developments and by following these trends ,the students can raise their status in modern age.students are considered the future builders of nation and students should fulfill these demands of modern age. The importance of religion regarding student in the modern age is quite Islam is a universal religion.Islam always teaches to learn all new branches of knowledge according to modern trend student role in the modern age is that to present these teachings in modern point of view. Students can create and maintain their status by fulfilling the needs of modern time and by doing this they are led to a complete success and make their states happy and prosperous to live in.

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