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Hello there my fellow bitlanders!! It's my first time in writing blogs so just bear with the grammar errors and wrong spelling. :) I hope you're not a grammar nazi, because Im not that really good in composing sentences. But if you are, just feel free to bully my grammar. ^_^V Lols!! I need it to learn more anyway. So much for that and let's start my first blog.

Since this is my first blog, I was thinking what could be the best topic that I can use to attract readers attention. I wanted my first blog to be very helpful and informative to the readers so I came up to this idea.



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After graduating from High School the next step that a student need to take is entering to a university. But sadly, there are a lot of parents in the world who are unable to send their child to college because they cant afford to pay a high tuition fees. If you are a parents that have such kind of problem or a graduating student looking for a college with a very low tuition fee. La Verdad Christian College is the right school for you. 


La Verdad Christian College is the very first private school in the Philippines that offers free education to those poor but deserving students from kindergarten to tertiary level. This almost all- expenses free education program was started by Bro. Eli Soriano and Dr. Daniel Razon on 2009. At first, this school has only one branch located in Apalit, Pampanga. But after a year it branch out in Caloocan, and believe it or not this school has also a branch in Ghana, Africa and Liberia. 


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La Verdad Christian College derived its name from the spanish word "La Verdad" which means the truth. 


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This institution offers two kinds of scholarship to those interested students. The Partial Scholarship and the Full Scholarship Program. Those applicants who are able to pass the exam and became full scholar were be able to enjoy the following benefits

  • Free tuition fee
  • Free miscellaneous fee
  • Free uniform & P.E. Uniform
  • Free food
  • Free books and manual


While those students who are able pass as Partial Scholar can still enjoy the benifit of Free tuition fee and is required to pay a very low miscellaneous fee.

What are the courses that they offer?

  • Pre-school: Kinder 1 and Kinder 2 (Not included to the full Scholarship Grant)
  • Primary: Grade 1 to 6
  • Junior High: Grade 7 to 10
  • Senior High: Grade 11 and 12


CHED Program:

  • 5 year Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
  • 4 year Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology
  • 4 year Bachelor of Science in Social work
  • 4 Year Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting
  • 4 Year Bachelor of Science in Information System
  • 2 year Associate in Computer Technology

TESDA Program:

  • Mass Communication Technology
  • Office Management
  • Nursing Assistant
  • International Cookery


Who can apply? 

The school is open to everyone even if you are not a filipino citizen. They are accepting students from all over the Philippines. In fact most of the students that studying in LVCC is not kapampangan (people Living in Pampanga). Many of the students are from bicol, leyte, samar, cebu, davao and metro manila. 


How to apply for scholarship?

Here is the step by step instruction to avail the scholarship:

  1. Application for the scholarship 

You can go to the main branch in Apalit, Pampanga to get the application form or you can download it online in thier facebook page. Just visit 

        2.Evaluation of submitted documents and scheduling of qualifying and submission date. 

        3.Qualifying and Psychological exam.

The Qualifying exam includes verbal ability, numerical ability, logical reasoning, social awareness, reading comprehension and aptitude exam. 

       4. Releasing of results and schedule for academic interview. 

They are going to text you if you pass or failed the exam.

         5. Academic interview 

         6. Releasing the official list of qualified scholars. 

They will also text you if you are in the list or if you failed. 

      7. Orientation 

During this orientation they will going to tell the students what is the different rules inside the school. It is very important for the students to follow the given rules because those are the reason why La Verdad is very clean and well organize. Ignoring school rules specially the "One Strike Policy" can lead to suspension or worst expulsion of the student.

      8. Enrollment


Those are the 8 easy steps on how to apply for the Scholarship. The school are accepting applicants from kindergarten to college from 5-36 years old. They are also offering short TESDA Program like Office Management, Healthcare and International Cookery. The application for scholarship are open from October until April from monday to friday from 7 am to 5 pm.


Why choose this school?

Aside from the fact that it's a free education. La Verdad Christian College is very great in bringing out the best in thier students. This school has won several awards from different competition. In fact last October, La Verdad AB Broadcasting 3rd year students won the grand prize in National Arts Competition in Petron Vision in the category of Photography and Music. La Verdad mission is to provide quality education to the poor and to teach them morality that is based on the bible.


Here are a few pictures of the school that  I've taken personally.


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