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Kendall Jenner maintain its appearance during Fashion Week with a low-carb paleo diet and enough sleep.

Kendall Jenner is now becoming one of the young models are much discussed. The 18-year-old model always gives a dazzling appearance at Fashion Week events. However, what Kendall did to keep her appearance on the catwalk?

The half-sister Kim Kardashian looks graceful reveal secrets to E! News. Her stated that he used to consume detox tea to remove toxins from the body. Her always started the day with a glass of Kusmi Detox Tea is made ​​up of a mixture of green tea and lemongrass. Her consumed about 12 cups of tea a day.

When Kendall was not taking a detox tea, her usually takes an apple as a snack. Her was a lot of eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. For her, keeping the energy is a must.

In addition to keeping your diet, the models are also pleased to release her last name to run. Her was trying to re-run in the middle of busy routine to move the catwalk. Not only that, the main beauty secrets Kendall during Fashion Week is getting enough sleep. Her takes a nap around seven to eight hours per day. By doing so, her was able to perform well in each Fashion Week.

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