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We are the results of our thoughts and actions, if we think positively, if we are successful in our mind, we are successful in this world.

Success is very hard to achieve, and it is harder to maintain that success, be fearless, the only fear you should have is the fear itself.

Believe in yourself, believe in what you are doing, don’t stop believing, and if you have just decided what you are going to be, how you are going to be, and when you are going to be, nothing is going to come in your way, and let nothing come in your way.

Decide what you want, and go after it with everything you have got, work as hard as you can to achieve your target, don’t waste time looking for opportunities, just go for it with what you have and work your ass off to make it happen, never quit and you will succeed.

Enough with the excuses! don't make excuses when u fail, don't listen to the people who have failed in life, Because the people who don’t have the ability do it, will tell you that why you are going to fail. They can’t tell you why you are going to succeed.

Every millionaire and billionaire was laughed at for their ideas, but thy never quitted, see who is laughing now.

People who think they can and people who think they can’t are usually right, if you really believe in what you are doing, listen to no one, people might tell u why you are mistaking and why it will not work, if you really believe in what you are, just stand up and keep going, keep going, keep pushing on, and if you don’t succeed pick yourself up again and try harder, and ultimately if you are determined enough, you will succeed in life.

listen to everyone but do what you want to do, do what you love most if you want to succeed in live. Because only those people succeed who love what they do, because only those can persevere, when it gets tuff, who love what they are doing.

85% of successful persons are self-made, read about the life of those persons which inspire you most and you will find that they never gave up hope, they worked hard and never relied on anybody,because in this world, nobody is going to help you to get millionaire. Take a risk because only 1% have the ability to take the risk and 99% work for that 1%, so be the 1% and lead from the front.

You really do what you should do, you always do what you must and make success a must, change you should to must.

If you look at the life of successful people, it is full of struggle, hard work, passion, devotion,determination, persistency and they left no stone unturned.


Get up now, write a plan and take action, wait for no one, start right now, choose the right path and if u r on the right path just keep persisting. Gary player said “The harder you work the luckier u get”

failure is not an option so be strong minded and be successful in your mind, if you are  successful in your mind you will never fail, you will never fail if you never give up.

Tariq Mehmood awan

23rd November 2013.

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