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Successful Life


I was browsing my Facebook news feed this morning to view some updates and I saw this post that has captivated my attention. So simple, yet striking and actually I have already read this for so many time but every I see this passage, I momentarily reflects on it.

Here it goes: "There are two things help success in life. The way you manage when you have nothing. And, the way you behave when you have everything".

Too hard to achieve, isn't it? There is no really easy way to success. No shortcuts too. You have to work hard to reach your goals.

Is is easy to move on, if you have nothing? You have none or limited options to take on. How can you manage nothing or even the least? You can not move well as the ways available are too narrow and rocky that often times you stumble, fall and roll and hurt. The pains will make you stronger to strive for more or make you weaker to back off and fail. They say that failure is not an option but many people takes it. Don't worry, true people and true friends are found in rough roads of your life.

Do you that it would be easy for those who have everything or had been blessed to have more? Definitely not! How can you behave well if you are surrounded by many temptations. The more you have the more you will be tested on your toughness, dignity and principles in life. The ambiance you are in are green and flowery, the kindness of the pleasant day is all round. Will they still be there on rainy days during the floods of tears and sorrows? Or, during summer where everything dries up and dies in drought? Absolutely, they will always be there present on spring when you bloom.

Success in a gift. It is the prize of taking care of and using the good gifts naturally given to you. The magnet cannot function without the negative. There must be always a negative and positive sides. If you empower the positive side, you pull in all the success that you strive for.

Just only my thoughts about this quote that I would like to share with you readers. I am also in a battle of life and hopefully, I will be able to win. Strive and be happy. Good luck to us and may our Almighty Father bless us all.


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