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SUNY New Paltz is a beautiful University in New York State, with 8,000 students from all over the world. The Dean, Mr Hadi Salavitaba, was born in Iran and educated in Iran and in the USA. It is a perfect match to the diversity of Film Annex's platform and our mission in Afghanistan, Central and South Asia. Diversity is the key to success.

Two weeks after my visit to SUNY New Paltz, I was invited as a keynote speaker for the SUNY New Paltz American Marketing Association conference which will take place on October 24th. It is an honor and an opportunity. My keynote speech will be 45-minute long and I will break it down in three parts of approximately 15 minutes each. I hope that my audience will take the time to read about me on my Wikipedia page before we start the session.

The first 15 minutes will be dedicated to me and my background:



New York City


Film Distribution


Target Marketing


I will show reports on self employment and small enterprise statistics by country and open the dialogue with the people attending the conference about their:



Social media skills.

I will ask them to write and blog about the keynote and share publicly their thoughts and suggestions.

This is my first step to establish an intimate and personal conversation with those who will be interested in maintaining a relationship with Film Annex and our global organization. I want to learn from them.


The second 15 minutes will be dedicated to establishing the objectives of Film Annex:

58 million monthly unique visitors

300,000 registered users

NO user generated content

33 international Ad-Network

Film Annex ad-server

Film Annex player

Target Marketing Annex

Afghan Development project

I will explain why the world starts in Afghanistan and continues through the doors of New Paltz, why such a remote and challenging country shaped my leadership before my leadership shaped my priorities. In this time frame, I will take questions on the reasons and value of target marketing and its implementation. Pick the battles you can win and document their success.

The third 15 minutes will be  dedicated to solutions and real time results:

The Buzz Score


Long tail keywords

Filmmaking (ex. difference between Russia and USA in terms of WWII and Space discovery)




A Judo match lasts 5 minutes and then a winner must be selected, as in my vision of business:

Advertising as the fuel to the industry of entertainment but also education and development.

The strategic choices of Target Marketing Annex that led me to the city of Herat, Afghanistan and to purchase equity in the Esteqlal soccer team in Kabul.

The closing statement will present a challenge to the students to establish business relationships with our schools and R&D centers in Afghanistan and present ideas and solutions on the Film Annex platform to both finance and develop their concept. I am not an architect nor an engineer and this is why I created New Herat, my digital interpretation of the Afghan Development Project and an established piece of the puzzle of generating revenues with pre-roll advertising.

Here are a few definitions:

There are people who work for themselves and other who work for others.

There are leaders and there are followers.

There are statements and there are conversations.

There are blogs and there are emails.

There are liabilities and there are non liabilities.

There are wrestlers and non wrestlers.

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