Super Bowl Breaking News-Patriots Activate Gisele!

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New England Patriots have activated Tom Brady’s favorite receiver Gisele Bundchen for Super Bowl. Some claimed she would only be a decoy, but in rare comments to media before the big game Coach Bill Belichick responded to reporters questions and offered that Gisele Bundchen would be on of Brady’s throwing options. What Position? Responding whether she would play wide receiver or tight end, Coach Belichick replied: “It depends on the play and her position!” Again questioned whether Gisele had the hands for the game, Coach Belichick offered that “she does not need hands.” Dissent in Locker-room Responding to rumors about dissent in the locker-room over Gisele’s activation, Coach Belichick only indicated that the starting center already upset about all the shotgun formations and long snaps was a bit moody. New York Giants Boning Up on the Playbook? Surprised by the activation of Gisele Bundchen, the New York Giants went quickly to study her game and moves – an assistant coach came up with new film study – Gisele’s latest Victoria Secret show. The Giants came out of the film room and offered they were looking for the challenge and opportunity to tackle the catwalk superstar. “She won’t get out of our hands!” was the bravado. New NFL statistics: NFL had to admit that it did not have an exact record of how many receptions Gisele Bundchen had for her career. However, they did say that they would institute a new statistic for this Super Bowl – no more yards after the catch but humps after the reception – Tom Brady seemed a bit intimidated by the news. Anti-Climactic Halftime Show - Newt Brags he Can Sing W/out Teleprompter with Madonna! Will Madonna’s halftime show prove to be an anti-climax, so to speak? Who could she kiss in this performance to keep our interest up – Newt Gingrich? Even better – Let Newt get finally to live his big aspiration - mange-de-trois (yes, I know I spelled it wrong but for Newt mange is as good as sex) bring Callista up on stage as well and make a jelly donut of him! Also See – “In Super Bowl, UN 4 Gisele” - Photos: • Gisele Bundchen in uniform • Gisele in pregame locker room • Madonna – last Unforgettable Performance • Madonna being told of Special Super Bowl Halftime Guest performers on stage with her – Callista & Newt Gingrich • Newt & Callista being told of threesome with Madonna on stage! Ambassador mo @DiplomaticallyX Facebook – Become Fan at Undiplomatic TV This was too easy!

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