Supporting the Afghan Education System Might Resolve the Iranian Crisis

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Last week, I met my new neighbor; she is a leading national security expert and commentator on a major news network. Since our acquaintance, I've been spending more time watching political programs. She is very well informed, intelligent, and inspiring. Articles on Afghanistan, Iran, and Veteran businesses are always part of the political debate.

Now that I have established Film Annex Afghanistan with the mission of building schools in Afghanistan and supporting the education of women in Afghanistan, I am aware of information that could change the prospective of War in Afghanistan and other political debates about Iran. A very interesting factor is that the most prominent business women in Afghanistan are educated in Iran, and the most advanced city in Afghanistan is Herat, located by the Iranian border. Without entering a debate, I can say that the Iranian education system has contributed to the education of women in Afghanistan and could be a very valuable point of contact with the US interests in the region.

This brings me back to a few years ago, when, under the Bush administration, I had been invited by the State Department to meet 9 Iranian independent filmmakers visiting the US and promote their content on Film Annex's network. At that time the Cultural and Educational departments of the US and Iran were working together. Today the Afghan education system and in particular Afghan business women can become the solution to the Iranian crisis.

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