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If we write down the names of the best reality shows so far in Television history ,then we write some amazing awards winning games shows on the top  & Survivor TV series are one these best series.Survivor series of reality show produced  by many countries , but American series are more amazing and entertaining them all.The show format is basically arrived from another series of Swedish TV named Expedition Robinson.First season of Survivor lived on May , 2000 on CBS.American version of the survivor  hits amazing records and remains in top ten most watchable shows of the American Television .Profitable and high rated in US TV history and early 12 seasons are more rememberable to the audience . 




Jeff Probst born in 1961 which is multi telanted telivision personality.He is a producer and host of American best game show ever Survivor.he also received best host award for the Host in Emmy Award of American Version.




 First season (Borneo)

Borneo is the first season name of American best reality show series and that season first time go lived on May 2000  but it is recorded or filmed before its premiered and its not depended on public system at all.All 16 contestants were sent to the Island of Tiga Malaysia.These contestants were divided into two groups Tagi and Pagong and after 2 elimination remaining contestants  merged in same group called Rattana.This competition ends in 39 days and Richard was the first survivor of that first season and wins the title.In that year it was noticed that Survivor received highest rating in the field of reality shows and watched my millions of peoples.

Contestants Group Picture




Second Season (The Australian Outback)

 Second season of american game show survivor was named as The Sustralian Outback and location where it was filmed at Northern Queensland on october 2000 and show on television on jan 2001.Second season also have same number of contestants like first and it consisted 42 days of games competitions.Groups names were changes every time in each season .In second season contestants divided into groups named Kucha & Ogakor and when 10 remains formed same  group of Barramundi.Tina Wesson was the sole survivor of that amazing season.

Contestants Pictures

 Tina Wesson  (Winner)



Third Season (Africa)

Third season of American best game show survivor was named as Africa .It almost consist of 39 days and filmed started on mid of 2001 and premiered on November 2001 I think.Contestants 16 in numbers just like previous seasons and location this time where these contestants have to survive 39 days was Shaba National Reserve.Boran and Samburu two groups names in which these contestants divided but in third season format change a little bit .While after 2 elimination two groups not merdged in this season 3 contestants switched in groups .Ethan Zohn remains the sole survivor in that season.

 Contestants Group Picture


 Ethan Zohn (Winner)


 Fourth Season (Marquesas) 

Fourth season of USA best game show survivor series is known as Marquesas.This season premiered  on 2002 Feb,Same previous format still continous in this season 16 contestants in game show fr 39 days.This time location is Marquesas Islands .contestants groups Maraamu and second is Rotu which merged together to form Soliantu.Vecepia Towery won the title of sole survivor .Some twist were introduce in this season first no initial supplies are given to the contestants and immunity is also given to another contestants by winning ones.This season hits more rating and views from the previous ones.

Group Picture of Contestants

Vecepia Towery (Winner)




Fiveth Season (Thailand)



 Fifth season of survivor is known as survivor Thailand of the amazing game show of USA.Season starts its recording in 2002 , june and starts on CBS at the end of July same year.Location  for that season is actually Island named Tarutao which is situated in Thailand and consists of same 3 days format of the show with 18 contestants who compete with each other in jungle atmosphere without any basic needs.Same as before division in tow groups Chuay and Sook jai  and after some elimination joined to form Chuay Jai.Brain Heidik was the sole survivor of that season.New twists were arrived almost every season to made game more interesting.In that season new was that some contestants  were given powers to chose groups of their choice.

Brain Heidik (Winner)


 Sixth Season (The Amazon)

Sixth season of american best game reality show named as The Amazon.This season premiered on feb 2003 ,constitute 39 days and 16 contestants following the previous seasons format .First in Survivor groups are in 6 numbers 2 members each and after two elimination they all merged into same group called Jacare and also first season of survivor in which one contestant with a disability.Jenna wins the title of sole survivor in this season.

 Jenna Winner of season six


 Seventh Season (Pearl Islands)

Seventh season of the survivor series is known as Pearl Islands which was premiered on CBS on september 2003 on CBS.This season filmed on Pearl Islands of Panama which was consisted the same previous seasons format of 39 days with 16 contestants divided into  groups Drake and Morgan and after 2 elimination merged into Balboa group. Sandra Diaz won sole survivor title.


 Sandra Diaz winner of the season


 Eighth Season (All Stars)

Eight season were known as All Stars is also part of series game show The Survivor.After filmed it was premiered  on early 2004 on CBS .This season was full of twists.First location was the same of the previous one ,contestants were 18 in this season and divided into 3 equally groups and they have to compete with each other for 39 days on same place without any basic needs.Another twist which was seen in this season was announcement of America's tribal council means award of second prize runner up contestant on public votes after filmed.Amber Brkich remains the sole survivor of that season.

Amber Brkich Winner of the season



Ninth Season (Vanuatu)

Ninth season was Vanuatu (Islands of Fire) ongoing series of survivor game show.Season premiered on CBS on late 2004 and location was Vanuatu islands in South pacific.Usual 39 days but 18 contestants which have to survive and compete with others in order to win the game and prize money.In that season groups were made on genders.After completion of one week they all  merged into same group called Alinta meaning Peoples with fire.Chris Daugherty wins the sole survivor tile.


Chris Dugherty Winner of the season



Tenth Season (Palau)

Tenth season was Palau which is ongoing sequence series of game show Survivor.This season lived on CBS on Feb 2005.In that season number contestants were 20 in numbers and they have 29 days to compete with each other in order to win the game.Ulong and Koror are  two groups each contain 10 members each.Tom Westman won the title of sole survivor.

Tom westman Winner of the season



 Eleventh Season (Guatemala)

Eleventh season of survivor american series was Guatemala (The Mayan Empire) .On september 2005 this season of survivor were lived on CBS & location taken for that season was Tikal National Park located in Guatemala.Thirty nine days of game play in which 18 contestants comepte with each other in order to win the title.Council and Switch were names of two groups and in that season new twist arrived immunity idol introduced and it was hidden somewhere in the camp.Danni Boatwright won the title of sole survivor in that season.

Danni Boatwright winner of the season


Twelve Season (Panama)

 Twelve season of survivor reality series was known as Panama (Exile Island) .This season filmed on the same island on which one previous season already filmed.They premiered on Feb 2006.Game consist of 39 days of different games with 16 contestants which have to compete against each other.First time ever in survivor history contestants were split into four groups Viveros ,La mina , Bayoneta , Casaya and whwn 10 left they formed a group  Gitanos.Final four participants were actually one from each initial griups.Aras Baskauskas named title to his name (sole survivor).

Aras Baskaukas Winner of the season.


 Thirteen Season (Cook Islands)

Thirteen season of survivor was named as Cook Islands was the part of ongoing season series of Survivor  which was premiered on september 2006.This season and last season were on the same format contestants were divided initially into four groups African , Asian , Hispanic and white American,This season also introduced new twists usually last 2 finale contestants facing a jury of seven but in that season final three  contestants actually facing a jury of nine.Yul Kwon defeated others three in voting won the title of Sole Survivor.

Yul Kwon winner of the season.


Fourteenth Season (Fiji)


Fourteenth Season of survivor was named as Fiji.As the name indicates that it was filmed at Fiji islands.Reunion was also happened in that season finale.Season started with a twist that each on of the contestants have go through at least one challenge  just before divide into seperate groups Moto and Ravu.Moto group have all luxuries items like shelters ,toilets ,shower and fire while the others don't have any these items.That season were not quite as before but full of twist were seen in that season.This time two hidden immunity idols.Earl Cole selected as a winner by the jury members.

Earl Cole winner of the season

Fifteen Season (China)


Fifteen season of the survivor game show known as China which was premiered on october 2007.This season fully filmed in china.Its a first season who basically filmed with in cities.Initial auditions 800 selected and then 48 for semi finals and finally same 16 number of contestants were selected finally who actually participated in the game show. Fai long and Zhan Hu were two groups  in which participants were selected and when 10 remaining they merged into one group called Da Fung.Todd Herzog  won $100,000 prize money and title.

Todd Herzog Winner of the season


 Sixteen Season (Micronesia)


Sixteen season of American best reality games in US television histry was named as (Fans V Favourites) .In that season some contestants were included from the previous seasons like All Stars ,Guatemala and that season filmed in Palau and I think it was second time survivor filmed in that location.Koror and Malakal two groups of contestants in initial.In this season new twist arrived that groups must be send to  Island where have to compete with each other in order to find the hidden immunity.Parvati Shallow win the title of sole survivor and the winning prize.

Parvati Shallow winner of the season



Seventeen Season (Gabon)

Seventeen season  of the reality game show was named as Gabon which was actually filmed in Africa.This season were premiered on september 2008.Every season starts with new twists .In that season from starts episodes contestants were send to Island  with a clue about the real location of Immunity which they have to find.That season was the first who shoot in real Hd means shoot with high defination camera's.Survivor still is in the list of best shows ever in US television history.Bob crowley remains the last survivor and won $100,000 prize money.


 Bob Crowley Winner of the season


Eighteen Season (Tocantins)


Eighteen season of Survivor named as The Brazilian Highlands was basically an ongoing series of best reality game show.This season was filmed in Brazil and lived on channel in july 2008.Same previous season format of 16 contestants for 30 days in Brazil without any basic needs and they have to survive in these circumstances.Initially divided two groups.Hidden immunity idol still in that season as twist.James Thomas declared winner in the last episode.

 James Thomas Winner  of the season.


Ninteen Season (Samoa)

Ninteen Season of the Survivor series known as Samoa .The season premiered on  september 2009. After a long procedure of selection twenty contestants selected out of 800 contestants .These twenty contestants were selected to play in the show.Minimum age required for the this show for contestants were 18 years.Natalie won the survivor title of that season and defeated Russell by 7-2 votes of the jury. 

 Natalie Anderson Winner of the Season


Twenty Season (Heroes V Villains)

Twenty Season (Heros V Villanis)

Twenth season of the US game show of Us most famous show survivor named as Heros V  Villanis. It was premiered on television  channel on Feb 2010.Some contestants from previous seasons were also included in this season.Full season filmed in Samoa where one previous season also filmed there.These twenty contestants  divided equally into two groups of ten players each and these two were merged together to form Yin Yang.Season constitute  same days format of 39 days .Sndra Diaz won the sole survivor title for the season.

Sandra Diaz Winner of Season Twenty


Total number of Seasons so far of the Survivor game show is I think thirty plus but that was my last seen season of survivor .Season after these seasons are not watched by me , so I don't know well about them.Thanks

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