Sve Nature From The World Destroying Agents Part-2

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Land pollution takes place when people dispose of their waste on the land. The improper disposel of the waste meterial results in a number of problems. When it rains, the rain water seeps through the soil. The waste dissolves and carries with itself harmful meterials which pollute the soil.

Air pollution is the most dangrous type of pollution and also very difficult to control. It is spread all over. Its effects on human health are wide ranging and very dangrous.

Noise pollution is also causing problems in the densely populated areas.Excessive use of vehicle horns and loud music beyond a safe level damages the eardrums.

Environmental protection departments is taking measures to control pollution. We, as citizens, must feel and take upon overselves the resposibilty to keep our environment clean which is also a religious obligation.

We must grow trees and protect the existing plants and trees it is observed that most of the people clean their own places, houses and buildings, but throw garbage into the street or on the roads. It is the duty of each ons of us to put the trash into the dust bins and keep our environment clean.

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