Switching over from wealth to values

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For a very long time I have been brawling with a thought that took me on the rack. I suppose at that time I was  too young to draw a solution but now far I am mature enough to understand my surrounding with my frugal mind I found a gay thought, a solution that appears to me like a beam in this darkness of our country. Sitting in my bed with a pen and few papers to be filled with this thought and a hope that this brainwave will lead to a position change in all segments of our population, I begin this thought provoking article.

                            it is so painful for me to note that inspite of the efforts of the reformers of our country, the evil powers are still increasing day-by-day. With all the input of my focus I found that one of its major reasons is that in the present time we are badly stuck to wealth and I feel more pity because  of the fact that this trend has so strong roots in our society.

                     We take it as a very common talk without considering its harmful aspects, though its not. Everyone is running after wealth and where values come, they go null. I suppose this is the thought that is hindering our progress. People are dying every now and then and to answer this; who can doubt that in time where wealth prevails and values ultimately decay hereby state that to switch over with this thought and mentality will result in a trice in our success.

                         Moreover, I believe that this zeal of reformation will prove beneficial if and only it is not confined to a small section of the population but all those with the liberal minds are bulky wealth consider this idea of reformation. When the balloons go up, we have to change before its too late. With the thought that my this article will lead to some trance I roll it up with these words that switching over to values is one of the acts that can stave for us the doors of eternal and everlasting progress for our country.     


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