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Man created for heartache

Others pain , grief and share in the name of compassion . The secret lies in the creation of man , they all share the sufferings of mankind and to treat them with compassion and empathy is a quality that is of the completion of the human . Is positive in the sense that a human being would make . If human beings are not sympathetic discharge system in the world get confused . The solace of the sick who are not sympathetic , who asks , 'Who brought the medicine . Called Dr. Who , Who quench the thirst of orphans and widows , who scouts , who feed the hungry to eat , drink, sleep , Who quench the thirst , the avoidance of trouble who bring misery . All this is happening under a spirit of compassion .

Ali only species that is independent of the others . Dependent on others . Not dependent on others , and that it does not need to be a supportive and helpful . Humans step on the trust others have kamhtaj is dependent on others . This work can not be carried out without the help of others . Farming or vocational , trade or government , a person needs the support of others in the field .

 Hits and witness events that initiates every animate and non- animate wit wit sympathetic discharge has filled coat coat . See cock find a feed that garbage immediately call chicks that link by link . Asked What is a temptation . Kr khlayyn it will make it grow . It is not just empathy . Just look at the birds how your children are small . Thwart the bugs , moths , etc. looking snapping its beak into his mouth and gives young children .

Mother for their children's education is suffering as much heart he knows poor . The nights are cold , the child begins to urinate on the bed , she sleeps on the bed is wet , and dry place to laydown the child . If the child is in pain all night just in their eyes is gzar dyty Why ? Only under the influence of a spirit of compassion .

Hazrat Mohammad (SAW). Technically two where the server saw a sick old woman taken to the flour slowly and heavily interconnected Ah ha is released . Seeing the Prophet (SAW) could not endure the pain . Interconnected head taken immediately come forward and reached his destination . The old woman was maid of a wealthy Jew . Jews are so impressed with this incident immediately brought Islam . Seeing him and his family many Jews to Islam Musharraf said.

A fugitive slave pulled the thorn from the lion's feet, and saved him from the distress . Humane treatment of slaves in the lion gave his life . People love , country love whispers from friends , relatives, good behavior , animal kindness and compassion is a result of the languages ​​mercy . Who else adds to the sorrow of his life for others and makes himself miserable .

Sheikh Saadi said that a man was in the forest, he saw a dog who was near death from thirst . It was a well . He ran away was there . Well there was no doll . Removed the turban from the head end . It hung in the well and to benefit the dog's mouth squeeze . The dog had water in his mouth open and his eyes so he was spared . Divine Mercy says brought enthusiasm . The contemporary prophet informed him that Allah Almighty has forgiven all our sins .

So far as possible, we must embrace this passion , because compassion is the cause of world peace uaman . Compassion 's sole remedy all conflicts and riots . I wish to become a humanitarian sculpture .

The child 's parents see his daughter, takes last breath and are loved . Hospital staff in the last bow is so revered that baby girl with kidney and liver transplant will be two other children (that his death was an hour after transplantation and their children found new life ).

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