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Synonyms and Sentences Starts with "A"

 Yes! the topic today is synonyms and sentences  that is one of the best and important topic so you learn well and if you have any question just ask me where ever you want to whether it is in the inbox or in comments

So here are the most important and most frequently used Synonyms,

Abandoned: deserted, discarded, forsaken, neglected.

Abhor: detest, loathe, dislike, despise.

Ability: Power, talents.

Able: competent, proficient, skilled, gifted.

Abolish: stop, eradicate, eliminate.

Abridged: lessened, curtailed, contracted.

Absent: missing, gone, deficient, omitted.

Absolute: total, complete, utter, supreme.

Absorbed: engrossed, obsessed, enthralled, spellbound

Abstain: desist, renounce, cease, stop, finish

 Absurd: rude, offensive, improper, naughty

Absurdity: silliness, stupidity, madness

Abundant: plentiful, ample, copious, flourishing

Abuse: offend, slur, degrade, disgrace

Academic: educational, scholastic, intellectual

Accident calamity, misfortune, disaster, tragedy

Accompany guide, lead, attend, conduct, direct

Accomplish execute, achieve, complete

Accountable: answerable, liable, responsible

 Accusation: denunciation, censure, blame

Achievement: accomplishment success, triumph

Acquire: obtain, attain, achieve

Acquisition: attainment, achievement, possession

Acquit: release, liberate, exonerate

Adamant: obstinate, obdurate, resolute

Adequately: properly, sufficiently, tolerably Adjustment: agreement, understanding, deal

Admit: acknowledge, declare, recognize

Adorned: embroidered, decorated

Advanced: developed, grown, improved, evolved

Advantage: benefit, concession, right

Advocate: supporter, backer, promoter, believer

Affirmed: stated, confirmed, acknowledged, claimed

Agent: dealer, advisor, trader, merchant, buyer, seller

Agitated: nervous, troubled, restless

Aim: assignment, task, job, plan, target

Alarm: surprise, shock, frighten, amaze, scare

Alarming frightening, dread-some, fearful, difficult

Allow: authorize, approve, empower, endorse

Alternate: replacement, exchange, swap, proxy

Amazement: confusion, bafflement

Amazing: surprising, astounding, wonderful, stunning, excellent,

Amplify: increase, extend, stretch, broaden, widen

Amusement comedy, wit, funniness, absurdity, joking

Analyze: interpret, study, evaluate

Analytical: indicative, investigative

Anger: resentment, annoyance, crossness, fury

Announcement poster, notice, declaration

Anticipate: imagine, foresee, predict, suppose, guess

Anticipation: expectation, apprehension, anxiety, tension

Anxious: worried, tense, uneasy

Appalling: disastrous, dreadful, awful, horrible

Argument: disagreement, debate, divergence

Aspiring: determined, ruthless, pushy, motivated

Assault: violence, hostility, attack

Synonyms and Sentences Starts with "B"



Banker investor, backer, supporter, sponsor

Barrenness infertility, sterility, bleakness

Barron empty, abandoned, forsaken, desolate

Beautiful attractive, cute, appealing, sweet

Behavior approach, outlook, manner, mindset

Belief custom, ritual, practice, convention

Belittle decrease, devalue, reduce, decline

Bereavement sympathy, commiseration, pity, concern

Bleak harsh, severe, dismal, gloomy, depressing, miserable

Blue-collar working-class,

Brag swank, show, talk, swagger, bluster

Brave bold, courageous, fearless, heroic, gallant

Brilliant vivid, intense, dazzling, clear, radiant Calculate

Synonyms and Sentences Starts with "C"



Calculate compute, estimate, consider, imagine

Calm docile, cool, quiet, peaceful, good-natured, quiet

Cautiously carefully, scarcely, vigilantly, charity

Cerebral intellectual, rational, brainy

Certainly undeniably, indisputably, indubitably

Certificate degree, credential

Champion expert, experienced, specialist, skilled

Chance probability, opportunity

Channel conduit, canal, passage

Charming attractive, enthralling, captivating, interesting

Chase convince, influence, convert, lure

Cheat entice, lure, deceive, swindle, bilk

Cheerfulness happiness, pleasure, jollity

Circumstances setting, environment, surrounding

Clash collision, shock, bang, blow, force, contact

Collaboration association, relationship, connection

Collide hit, beat, smack, thump, sock

Command accepted, standard, permitted, agreed

Commiserate console, soothe, calm, relieve

Common normal, commonplace, usual, general

Communicable catching, transferable, contagious

Communicate express, suggest, transmit

Competent proficient, capable, talented, skillful

Competition challenge, contest

Complain object, dissent, dispute, disapprove

Completely totally, utterly, fully, exclusively

Compose gather, assemble, accumulate, amass

Compound mixture, blend, fusion Computation estimate, guess, assessment

Concentration obsession, worry, anxiety

Concrete touchable, physical, real, solid, substantial, material

Confront tackle, meet, face, deal

Confrontation fight, battle, struggle, conflict

Confusion anxiety, edginess, uneasiness

Consent authorization, agreement, acquiescence, approval

Conservation protection, safety

Consumptive frantic, frenzied, excited, confused

Synonyms and Sentences Starts with "D"


Delicacy subtleness, refinement, intricacy, nicety

Delicate loving, caring, affectionate, kind, fond

Delicious tasty, enticing, tempting

Delight enjoyment, pleasure, happiness, glee, gladness

Deplorable wretched, disgraceful, contemptible

Depress anger, irritate, upset, offend

Deserted discarded, forsaken, neglected

Desirous determined, striving, pushy, motivated

Destroy knock, bulldoze, flatten, raze

Destruction extinction, eradication, extermination

Developed thrived, grew, boomed

Devolution delegation, transference

Devoted added, donated, supplied, dedicated

Difference dissimilarity, distinction, variation, diversity

Difficult though, laborious, grueling, demanding, strenuous

Dignity self-respect, pride, decorum

Directions orders, commands, directives, advice

Disapprove refuse, defy, invalidate, dislike, object

Disastrous calamitous, appalling, terrible, ruinous

Discriminate differentiate, classify, categorize

Disease illness, sickness, ailment, malady

Dishonest corrupt, lawless, immoral, devious

Disobedience defiance, rebelliousness, mutiny

Disobedient bad, wicked, wayward, impish, mischievous

Disorder disturbance, unrest, insurgency, mutiny

Displaced disjointed, dislodged

Display show, demonstration, exposition, presentation

Distend extend, engorge, expand, broaden

Distort taint, change, alter

Disturbance difficulty, problem, dilemma, mess

Disturbing upsetting, frightening, shocking, startling

Division separation, dissection, distribution, allotment

Synonyms and Sentences Starts with "D"


Eliminate: eradicate, remove, reduce, destroy

Eliminated: stopped, closed, eradicated, abandoned

Emission discharge, oozing, release, energy, rays, wave, heat

Emotion excitement, adventure, pleasure, sentiment

Emotional fervent, ardent, zealous, avid, obsessive

Encaged caged, enclosed, confined

Encompassing enveloping, invasive, persistent, insidious

Encounter undertake, begin, embark, attempt, engage, deal

Encourage please, understand, realize

Encroach advance, intrude, invade, trespass

Endeavoured tried, worked, challenged, struggled, undertook

Energetically dynamically, forcefully, strongly

Energy power, force, vigor, liveliness, sparkle, vigor, vivacity, cheerfulness

Engage engross, occupy, absorb

Engrossed absorbed, captivated, gripped, immersed

Enjoyable pleasing, agreeable, nice, satisfying

Enlightened brightened

Enough adequate, plenty, ample, enough, bounty

Ensure, advance, progress, move

Entertainment recital, gig show

Entertainment warmth, kindness, generosity

Enthused, inspired, stirred, moved, motivated

Enthusiasm thrill, pleasure, anticipation, passion, fervor

Entitled allowed, permitted, unrestricted, unconstrained

Entrance foyer, reception, hall, vestibule, porch

Entreat beg, beseech, request, plead

Equipped supplied, delivered, endowed

Estimate gauge, calculate, compute, assess, evaluate

Exactly chiefly, mainly, mostly, principally

Examine cut, edit, expurgate, repress

Examined studied, investigated, evaluated, considered, assessed

Example illustration, model, pattern

Excellent luminous, radiant, dazzling




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