Synopsis for Ouroboros

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In reverse time , at night in an abandoned forest high overlooking a cliff a man carries a large bag and a dagger with blood covering it. He drops a ring to the ground. He has just disposed of his victim from a cliff. In reverse , the bloody and gruesome stabbing of the man slaying his victim occurs right to the point at which the man takes the large bag from his victim, which he unzips revealing bundles of cash.Subtly, time changes to forward motion. Now the man realizing the act that he was about to perform, embraces his victim and starts to cry , wailing like an abandoned child. A complete emotional catharsis. The man , now in forward motion grabs the large bag and throws it off the cliff into the murky abyss below and is swallowed by blackness. The victim walks away. The man walks forward feeling satisfied, but then he sees the ring on the ground covered in blood.

About the author


Born In Adelaide, Australia, Alex Nakone is of Ukrainian Descent. Alex grew up with a passion for the arts, but like many Eastern European migrants settled in Australia, there were great expectations for Alex to become a medical practitioner, which he did. Alex Nakone’s first narrative film Biotech 8, a…

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