Syria, “Anonymous” & Religious (Islamic) Authoritarians?

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“Anonymous” is supporting the Syrian opposition. The significance goes beyond the logistics and other functional support that might be derived in terms of communication and coordination. The internet has been the tool of revolution for much of the Arab Spring. Is Syria Opposition Led by Rebellion of Religious or Revolution for Freedom? No doubt that the Syrian opposition is a broad mosaic of interests, ideologies and motives, but how will it be shaped/defined in the battle and its eventual victory and assumption of power? The role of Anonymous in the Syrian opposition is a significant counterargument that such revolution is dominated by Islamic radicals, Salafists and/or religious terrorists. Anonymous and religious extremists/authoritarians are as opposite as can be on the ideological spectrum. Religious authoritarians demand conformism, condemn deviancy and fear anarchism. Watching all the tweets flying at #Syria , I was impressed by how much of the rhetorical and functional support was coming from Anonymous related groups, including @YourAnonNews. They were also establishing contingencies in the event that the Syrian regime interrupted more regular Internet communication. (Anonymous is promoting Pastebin as contingency for example - Anonymous as Counter to Religious Extremists? Anonymous has been subjected to much demonization by authorities in various western democracies. However, their role in the Syrian revolution has to be seen positively, if for no other reason than that their presence counters charges of an Islam authoritarian coup. I have little doubt that if a new theocratic elite attempted to impose its own hegemony, Anonymous would be on the front lines to challenge. Whatever other opinions Washington or London or Brussels have of the movement, Anonymous is an ally against the Assad dictatorship, counters any influence of religious authoritarians and effectively encourages a more open/democratic Syrian opposition. The Internet is its own new world and may bring about strange bedfellows, or more accurately “Friends” on Facebook and “Followers” on Twitter – in all Internet freedom presents opportunities even beyond those defined/confined by more traditional political rhetoric. By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey – Twitter @MuhamedSacirbey Facebook – Friend at Diplomatically Incorrect Twitter – Follow @DiplomaticallyX

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