Syria: The Man of Tomorrow

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Already, close to 2,500 Syrian children have been killed or injured. On the 24th February 2012, Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, accused the Syrian regime, of crimes against humanity, based on a UN report that found evidence that Syrian army snipers and "shabbiha" gunmen, from Pro Al-Assad militias, posted at strategic points terrorized the local population by targeting small children, women and other unarmed civilians.”

These statistics have moved photo-journalist, Carlos Palma, to take action through the lens of a camera. No stranger to conflict situations, Carlos has previously been embedded in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, with the US Army and Marines as a photo journalist.

Carlos will now travel to Syria to document the facts on the ground of a Syrian child’s reality. At Diplomatically Incorrect, many causes come across our desk, but this is one project that struck us with its sense of urgency.

Carlos Palma is this month’s Diplomat Artist. He is now asking for YOUR HELP in making his mission a success and to be part of his project.

Says Carlos: “Through the funding of this project you will be helping to document what is really happening to women and children living in the surrounded cities, under constant bombardments, fear, dead, lack of health care, food or water. This project is ready to move to action.  It is only dependent on the funding to be executed; for contacts, operation strategies, and local transport are all organized at the time of this presentation.” (Carlos needs approximately 3,000 Euros for his project.)

“Please help this project. Please help to document on the daily atrocities experienced and that will become part of the next generation of Syrians. Today’s children are the MAN OF TOMORROW. Please don’t allow the atrocities and violence towards the next generation of Syrians to go unreported.”

For more information, see his online video platform: and political blogging site:

Photo-documentary is a way of changing the world, the perception, the understanding, and the reality of different people and situations. It's a tool, a form of art that awakens our conscience of forgotten or ignored conditions that other humans and animals are experiencing at the present time. Photography is a way of contributing to a better and just world by providing the opportunity to observe real lives of other people. This reality allows a unique view, an intimacy with the subject and its surroundings. Each photograph tells a story, inside another story. Each photo-story involves other humans like ourselves, their lives, struggles, frustrations, etc... Welcome to the world around us.”

        From Susan Sacirbey

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